Lots of people lift weights, but really neglect their leg muscles. The leg muscles especially the quads are a big muscle, so you can train this muscle really hard. A good leg workout routine should target the quads, calves and hamstring muscles. If you are just starting out, always start off slowly and increase the weight around 5% each week to allow for lean muscle mass growth to occur. Before you start your leg workouts though, always make sure that you leg muscles are fully warmed up before you start lifting heavy weights with them.

leg workout routinesA good leg workout routine should contain the squat exercise which will help to build up you quads or thigh muscles. This is an exercise that you should always use proper form on to reduce injuries to your knees and back. The second exercise on your quads should be the seated leg press, this is another exercise that targets the quads. This is an exercise that just after a few weeks of doing it you should be able to start lifting some serious weight.

That's it for the quads, now its time to move onto the much smaller calve muscle, I find the best exercise for this is the seated calf raise on the leg press machine. Start off with your calves as far back as they can go, then lift the weight upwards with your feet as far up as you can go. You should really be able to feel the calve muscle being worked on this exercise. Because the calves are small I only do the one exercise on them and I complete 3 sets of 8 to 11 reps and as always I train to failure.

The final leg muscle part of a good leg workout routine are hamstrings. The best exercise to train your hamstrings is the leg curl, use a weight that is going to test you and use correct form to prevent injury to your hamstrings and other leg muscles. If you are trying to build big legs, remember muscles are built in the kitchen and not in the gym. Make sure you are getting plenty of high quality protein in your diet. A good protein source is whey protein powder. Also consume plenty of carbohydrates to fuel your workouts and eat healthy fats.

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