The WeddingIt took Sheryl only a few months to discover that the man she had married is a jerk, irresponsible and a geek. They have dated a hundred times and talked about a lot of things that they both enjoyed and everything seemed to be fine for both. But then, dating before marriage is a different situation. Until you live in one roof and be together most of the time, you can never be sure you have chosen the right person to marry.

Sheryl says, "I should have known a devil is hiding from that serene, almost perfect personality."

Sheryl met Carl in a Business Orientation Program. He was already a branch manager then in the real estate business while she was just starting. In that chilly room as he stood in front of them, she had lost her concentration to listen to him, instead she was assessing him. Although he wasn't what you call dead gorgeous; his personality was mesmerizing; magnetizing her. He was brilliant, very calm and confident. He was the perfect package that Sheryl had been longing to find in a man.A Cloudy, Stormy Realtionship

The several location tripping had given them enough time to talk and know each other more, beyond that was the bond that slowly formed between them, until Carl proposed to her and they started dating.

Sheryl thought that one year was enough for both of them to have known each other. She knew Carl and she didn't hesitate when Carl finally proposed marriage. The marriage was perfect for Sheryl who had dreamed of having a grand wedding. She thought she was the luckiest woman. With all the good qualities that Sheryl learned about Carl, plus money and everything, what else could a woman ask for?

Still blushing from the honeymoon hang-over, when the newly- wed returned home, Sheryl immediately sensed that there was something different. Carl wasn't that considerate of Sheryl when it came to deciding things. She felt like; just a housekeeper to the man she married. He dictated and she obediently nodded. This was not what she expected and what she wanted to happen in her marriage. She wanted to be a wife and not a servant to the man she married.

Carl told her to work hard and to attain a career and compete with the other corporate women in the real estate world. But Sheryl disobeyed him this time and instead she joined the networking business. Carl was again promoted to division manager. They were both working too hard that they didn't have time anymore for each other. As much as Sheryl wanted to make the marriage a normal affair for a husband and wife, Carl was disengaging himself from her slowly.

A year passed, Sheryl has a lot of achievements in her chosen career. She was already promoted two times and this time she is now an area manager. She was doing fine, building her network of young, vibrant and smart girls in the fashion world. Then came the hardest blow in Sheryl's life.

The moment she heard what Carl said, her world collapsed. Carl wanted her to stop working and start a family. Sheryl wanted to complain but she swallowed her words and behaved just like a good, obedient wife to her husband.

"It hurts," Sheryl says. "Just when my career was booming, he just told me to stop."

Sheryl started conceiving after a few months of rest from work. She was bored and she wanted to go back to work but Carl said no. Just like that.

Sheryl was so disappointed about Carl. In the morning when she was so lazy to wake up because of problems related to her pregnancy, she never received support from her husband. Carl always reminded her that she is the wife who was supposed to take care of the husband.

Sheryl realized that the marriage was all a big mistake in her life. Carl was becoming worse as the days passed and there were times when she felt like escaping but she can't do it because of her baby that was soon coming. In the later part of her pregnancy, Sheryl realized that Carl was not just a selfish brute but a man who only loved himself.

It was the last straw that Sheryl waited for months. She filed for an annulment before her baby was born. And when her annulment was approved, she smiled the sweetest smile in her few months married life. If she could put back the days, she would have done it but she was not repentant because she learned a very good lesson from the relationship.