When looking for the right kind of marketing specialist, you must note that you need to do a search that is both concerted and determined. There are many resources online where you can network and find a great many individuals who would fit into the mould that you require. But it would be great for you to check up on references before you make any decision at all. The best suggestion is that you network with people who are referred to your by your corporate colleagues. This way you are assured of finding the right marketing specialist. Before you start scrabbling for your contact list, make sure you are well aware of what a marketing specialist should be having in terms of experience and qualifications. This is imperative. As mentioned, there are many resources online which offer you advice on what kind of caliber a marketing specialist should be in. After all it is a person's track record and experience that is needed in order for you to hire them. The fact of the matter is that you need to be aware of what exactly your requirement is. When you talk of marketing, there is a whole field of aspects you need to look into. For instance online marketing is also part of marketing as a whole. After you have figured out what the requirements are, make sure that you consider the various blogs and discussion boards that are present online. They will offer a great insight into what kind of marketing specialist you should be looking for. You will note that looking for that perfect kind of marketing specialist depends on your search and discussion on various social discussion boards. Having said that, it is an understatement that you should be searching for the kind person online. It is not new information that online advertising for employees has far superseded newspapers in general. Having stated all these tips it comes as no surprise that advertising online in certain sites would also be great. You are assured of maximum visibility and opportunity if you advertise in the right site. Keeping all of this in mind, you would be correct to start your search now with preference given to cyberspace. Just make sure that you as an employer do your own bit of detective work by checking up on all the references. This way you can be sure of who you get on your team. There have been far too many mistakes where employers have not referred prospective employees.