A Goodie Bag Filled with Tangled Party Favors (34170)

Tangled is now officially the new flavor theme of the season for children's birthday party owing to the success of the movie from Disney. Needless to say, Disney is offering a ton of Tangled party favors and party supplies to meet the demand of preteen girls. There are many choices for party favors if you look for them, so let us see a few of them.

First up is something that all girls cling to like anything – a makeup kit featuring Rapunzel. You don't need to have a whole lot in the makeup kit. Simply a necklace or two with lip gloss thrown in will do wonders for the girls. A heart shaped Tangled makeup kit fits in perfectly with the theme of Rapunzel for party favors. To give it a more Tangled touch, the pendant can feature Rapunzel's face.

Next up in the list of favorite for the Tangled goodie back are stickers and tattoos. Kids just love them like anything. The tattoos can of course have different characters from the film including Rapunzel herself along with Pascal. I would surely include these in each and every Tangled themed goodie bag for girls' birthday parties.

For more ideas related to Tangled party favors, you can take a cue from preteen girls' daily routine and see if you can give them something that can be used daily. A good example of these is rubber bands with their favorite Tangled stars on them.'Tangled rubber bands usually come in different shapes of the different parts of Rapunzel's attire such as her crown, her face or her dress.

With Tangled favors it is important that children have fun with the gifts that they receive. An activity
book such as a story book or a coloring book with all the different Tangled characters in them such as Rapunzel, Pascal, and Flynn Rider combined in unique ways. This way, you can add more value to the 'Tangled' goodie bad for the girls.

Something special such as a memento will also make the girls feel extra special and more importantly be something that they will cherish. One example of such a memento is a Rapunzel replica. You don't need to hunt for new Rapunzel replicas at stores. You could find old ones at maybe garage sales which you can color in creative ways and make them look better.

You can either shop for Tangled themed party favors and supplies from online retail stores or at malls. However, you can make the party favors more personalized by making your own Tangled gifts at home. For ideas, you can also look up the internet at what party favors stores offer and then makes your own set of party favors based on them.

Children will be really happy and joyous with little Tangled party favors which are simple in nature. They need lovely gifts gifted to them with a big heart rather than expensive ones just thrown in as a formality. It would be great if you take the time to get creative with the party favors themed on Tangled.