One of the most important skills of the 21st century is being able to find information really fast. Therefore, several 'search engines' started in the late 1990's. One of them was Google, who clearly won the search engine war. Now, as said, your skills at search engines are important, so you should train them! How? With 'A Google A Day'.

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a Google a Day: What is it?

A Google A Day is a new project from Google, where you can solve questions with using the Google Search Engine. How Google puts it:

"A Google a Day is a new daily puzzle that can be solved using your creativity and clever search skills on Google. Questions will be posted every day on and printed on weekdays above the New York Times crossword puzzle"

So you can go to A Google A Day and answer a question. You can only use the search engine and you have to be creative to find the answer.

Sample question

For example, a couple of days ago the question was: 'During a famous White House séance, witnesses say the president’s seat was levitated. Whose spirit was his wife trying to contact?'

The answer was: Abraham Lincoln's son Willie

How could you have found this? By searching [White House séance] to learn that Abraham Lincoln was reportedly levitated. Search [Lincoln levitated séance] to find it was their son Willie whom Mary Todd Lincoln was trying to reach through séance. Pretty cool right?

What Makes A Google A Day Interesting?

A Google A Day is interesting because it adds a couple of layers the answer you are looking for. You can't find real quick who the wife of Abraham Lincoln was trying to contact during the séance and you have to find something else out first.

Google trains you here to find the first step and then search again, being more specific. This actually trains your Google skills!

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Why Should You Train Your Google Skills?

The phrase 'let me Google that' is become normal in our daily lives, so clearly, it is something you shoul be able to do. I am actually sure you know how to Google, I am even more sure you can Google pretty well.

So no, you don't have to train your Google skills, but there is still room for improvement right?

For instance, today's question is: 'If you enter Pachacuti's sacred city from the south, what's the first temple you will encounter?'  I didn't knew the answer. But more important: I couldn't find the answer.

There I am, 20 years old, grew up with Google and I couldn't find the answer to a easy-looking question within 5 minutes. You could find the answer when you used Google Maps. This shows I actually need to train my skills, because I cannot find 'basic' things very fast.. I need training to become even faster at Google than I am now. A little time investment now will result in time spared later!

If Google is responsible for 65% of all the search engines jobs, we need to improve our skills at that machine. We need a little investment now to become better later. And it is pretty cool to be a fast Googler, right?

Google is doing pretty cool stuff, described in the books 'In the Plex' and 'Planet Google'. Including simple things like a Google a Day.