Most of your article traffic will come from great titles. This fact is lost on a lot of newbie or novice writers. They may have a great article or blog post that is never read because the title didn’t attract the traffic they needed or the wonderful material actually warranted. Regardless of the quality contents, if the reader wasn’t attracted by the title, you did not get the page view.

Most of the traffic that your article will see comes from search engines. Countless times you may see a quick surge of traffic when your article is published from promotions to your social bookmarking sites or followers; the fact of the matter is a majority of your traffic will emerge from long-term traffic with search engines. A title should attract a reader when they see your article in search engine results. If it doesn’t, the reader will never click on it and view your extraordinary subject matter. A great article title will get a lifetime of traffic for the same article time and time again.

Answer a question or solve a problem

In our current day and age there are few people who are on the web without a purpose. Readers are on the web searching for something. They are looking for an answer to a specific question or problem they need solved. Form an article title that speaks to a reader. Typically a title will center on a main topic or theme. Many titles are fashioned from keyword phrases or terms. Your title will tell the internet user or searcher what question you are going to answer for them. Your article or content will solve their problem. Readers continuously ask the same question. Therefore, having a great article title will get a lifetime of traffic.

Include great SEO keywords or phrases 

Your title should have great SEO keywords or phrases as a necessity. Generally a reader performing a web search will type in 2 or 3 words into a search engine. Great SEO keywords need to match words used throughout your article. Use words that are commonly used for best results. Stay away from the most competitive words. For an example, weight loss. Focus on more specific keywords which have less competition. Less competition means when the reader is searching there will be fewer results returned which will increase the likelihood of your content being displayed and selected. You can use weight loss, but be more specific. Such as weight loss after pregnancy or weight loss during menopause is a great article title to get a lifetime of traffic.

Avoid cute or vague titles

Titles that are cute or even vague are nice, but they won’t get you the page views needed for a lifetime of traffic. Although you title can be a little boring, imagine the number of readers it will attract. A cute title may get you 20 page views. A wonderful SEO inspired and constructed great title will get a lifetime of traffic.

Remember that reader is searching for the answer to his or her question and if they are not certain whether or not your content will be the one based on the title, they will bypass you and click on someone else’s content. Don’t let valuable information in your wonderful article go unnoticed because you went with a vague title.

These are ways to make your title stand out and get a lifetime of traffic with a great title. Answering the questions that a reader is looking for time and time again with a great title will get you a lifetime of traffic and money in your pocket with more page views.