As the weather turns warm, thoughts turn to family vacations...

The peaceful town of Sandusky rests off the shores of Lake Erie in northern Ohio.  It’s a town with a population of just less than twenty eight thousand and one that contains a hidden treasure.  It’s unexpected that Sandusky is home to one of the most honored amusement parks in the world, Cedar Point.  Cedar Point is home to sixteen roller coasters and an unprecedented sixty-eight rides.  Along with their extensive ride collection, Cedar Point owns and operates six outstanding lodging facilities located on the park’s property providing guests with convenient accommodations.  The park’s superb location offers guests unlimited opportunities to experience attractions outside of the amusement park realm.  Cedar point’s coalescence of superb resorts, relaxing location, and unsurpassable entertainment create the ultimate resort that everyone in the family can enjoy.


            The Resort experience at Cedar Point is unlike any other amusement park/resort in the country.  Cedar point provides its guests with unbeatable service, great accommodations, and attractive offers at each of their six resorts conveniently located at the park.  The accommodations at Cedar Point include a variety of different living experiences that will cater to all needs and provide of range of cost options including Hotel Breakers, Light House Point, Camper Village, Breaker’s Express, and Castaway Bay.  


Hotel Breakers

Hotel Breakers rests on the east shore of the Cedar Point peninsula and provides guests with the greatest Cedar Point has to offer.  The Breakers is located within the park and provides easy access to all major attractions including Cedar Point, Soak City, the Challenge Park, and the warm, beautiful beach.  In fact, it is only a two-minute walk to the nearest park entrance and the relaxing beach is even closer.  If you don’t like the beach, the Breakers supplies guests with two heated outdoor pools and a third located inside the Breakers tower.  The Breakers is also home to six hundred and fifty rooms of varying size and décor.  One is sure to find a room that will fit their groups lodging and pricing needs. 

Another great asset of  the Breakers are the many dining options available on its premises.  There are six restaurants located in the Breakers that provide guests with a variety of options including the popular T.G.I. Fridays.  One of the greatest things the Breakers, along with the five other Cedar Point resorts, have to offer is early entrance to the park.  Resort guests are permitted into the park one-half hour before normal operating hours.  This provides resort guests with the ability to omit long lines for the park’s most popular rides and get a head start on a busy day of fun in the sun.  Early admission is a valuable accommodation at any amusement park resort.  The Hotel Breakers creates a desirable atmosphere that will entice first time guests to return.

Sand Castle Suites

Sand Castle Suites is ideally created to cater to larger families.  This all suite  hotel is located on the northern edge of the Cedar Point Peninsula, which allows easy access to the beach, and is within walking distance to the amusement park.  All of the accommodations have microwave ovens, coffee makers, and a refrigerator which will help large families keep the cost of the food expense down.

Other family friendly features of Sand Castle Suites are outdoor heated pool, and outdoor spa, tennis courts, and complimentary parking and shuttle service.

Light House Point

Light House Point creates a water front fishing village experience with the option of living in a quaint cottage or cozy cabin.  The cottages are located on the lakeside and include a private deck and grill.  Cottages are capable of sleeping up to six people.  Additional features include: two televisions, a complete bathroom and shower, microwave, small fridge, and coffee makers

The cabin units are one story with a loft and will sleep up to eight people.  .  Cabins are located inland from the lake, but also have a private patio and barbecue grill.  Additional features include: two televisions, complete bathroom and shower, microwave, small fridge, and a coffee maker.

Camper Village is the perfect setting for RV owners as it offers a number of deluxe RV sites that will hook up to electricity, water, sewer and cable.  Unfortunately, Camper village does not allow tent camping.

Breaker Express

Breaker Express is ideal for the budget minded family.  It is your basic budget motel and is only a short drive from the amusement park.  Staying at the Breaker Express offers the guests discount packages on park entry fees.  Additional features include: outdoor heated pool and spa, a game room, and WiFi in the lobby.

Castaway Bay

Castaway Bay offers a completely different kind of environment as it recreates a Caribbean island getaway.  The centerpiece of this experience is the Caribbean themed water park that includes a water coaster, wave pool, slides, and small children’s areas.  There are 237 rooms and many include connecting rooms and suites. 

Fabulous Location:

            Cedar Point is located on a beautiful Lake Erie peninsula that hosts perfect summer weather.  With an average summer temperature in the mid-eighties, Cedar Point’s location provides guests with ideal weather for enjoying plenty of fun in the sun.  The park’s location allows five of the six park owned and operated lodging facilities to be located right on the beach!  This gives guests the opportunity to do things outside of the coaster realm.  The beach provides activities such as sunbathing, volleyball, walking the boardwalk, and jet skiing.  Cedar Point’s fabulous beach location makes guests feel like they are miles away from a coaster park.  In fact, many on the beach would never know they were at a theme park unless they turned around to see the mountainous roller coasters behind them.  This creates a relaxing atmosphere far from ones average amusement park.

Cedar Point's location also creates great views while coaster riding.  Since it is home to some of the tallest coasters in the world, the view from each coaster’s peak is breathtaking.  Atop each peak, one is able to see the incredible Cedar Point peninsula plunge out into Lake Erie.  It is absolutely spectacular and makes the long lines worth while! Cedar Point’s location overall creates a great vacation atmosphere that is far from the typical amusement park.

Endless Entertainment:

            Cedar Point Resort and Amusement park has numerous ways to keep guests entertained.  Cedar Point’s most popular attraction is its world famous amusement park.  The average amusement park has a few big roller coasters and twenty or so other rides and attractions.  Cedar Point is not your average amusement park.  Cedar Point hosts sixteen of the world’s largest coasters and boasts a world record sixty-eight rides.  Bottom line, Cedar Point will keep you eternally entertained.  For the thrill seeker, Cedar Point is a heaven on earth.  The park is famous for providing its guests with big thrills, extremely big thrills.  Its most notable accomplishment is being the first park in the world to build a coaster over two hundred, three hundred, and four hundred feet!  It is also the only park in the world with four coasters seceding two hundred feet.  The park also has a variety of smaller rides for younger kids and cautious adults as well as a collection of shows certain to entertain all audiences.  The park also provides guests with great food services including seven full-service restaurants and a large variety of quick service stops throughout the park.  Cedar Point’s amusement park is certainly the most popular form of entertainment around the resort, but not the only one.

             Cedar Point Amusement Park and Resort allow offers a wide variety of entertainment beyond the amusement park.  Soak City is Cedar Point’s water park located right next to the big thrills.  This eighteen-acre water park provides guest with the opportunity to cool off and have loads of fun in the wave pool, inner tube rivers, and numerous slides.  The Water Park is located right next to Cedar Point’s challenge park, the Hotel Breakers, and the sunny beach.  The Challenge Park gives guests the opportunity to do miniature golf, go-cart racing, and other alternate activities.  The fun doesn’t stop there! Cedar Point's great natural location provides guests the opportunity to relax at the beach and enjoy beach activities such as volleyball, jet skiing, and sunbathing.  From water slides to sunbathing, Cedar Point’s fabulous attractions keep their guests well entertained throughout their entire stay.

Final Thoughts:

            Overall, Cedar Point Amusement Park and Resort is the best overall family resort. It provides guests with great entertainment, exceptional location, and awesome accommodations that the whole family will enjoy.  Traveling to Cedar Point will not leave you disappointed.  On the contrary, it will leave you wanting to return next year to enjoy all the great things the park has to offer.  Cedar Point has proven to be the quintessential family vacation spot and is sure to please the entire family.