One thing that makes a life rich is having a passion. A passion is something you live for. Some people have passions for writing, art, traveling, etc. Yet a great passion to have would be self improvement. Other passions are good. But with self improvement, you are not just concerned with improving your life, you want to help improve the life of others too.

There are many subcategories to self improvement. They deal with careers, goals, diet, fitness, nutrition, medical, etc. Plus a lot of people are looking to improve their lives in some fashion. So self improvement is a highly marketable activity.

There are also many ways you can work in self improvement. you can write books, you can publish articles, you can create websites and blogs, plus you can join affiliate programs that deal with self improvement.

But even something like self improvement takes work for one to get rewards. For instance if you are going to profit through website/blogs, it would take a lot of networking through sociel sites, article directories, and even some talking to others personally. One good thing with article directories is that you can sign up with google adsense and earn revenue from your articles in some directories.

Another good thing about self improvement is that it is so broad that it could overlap into any other passion. If your passion is art, increasing your skill level is a form of self improvement. Art is expression, and part of personal growth is the ability to express yourself.

It is great to have a passion in life, and it is even better to pursue it because if you don't go after what you want, you won't get it. Plus it is good to help others with their passion in any way you can. In case that other person reaches his goals you may feel good to have contributed to his path and you may even be encouraged to continue on yours.