The game of Washers is a great pastime that people of all ages can play.  There are formal Washer sets, but all that is required is a hole and some washers from any hardware store.  There are a variety of rules to play by, although most have similar scoring to Horseshoes while some are totally different.  I will explain in the rest of this article my House Rules of this fun outside game. 

Great Pastime - Game of Washers


The Washer set that I have is similar to the set shown in the picture above.  Two square boxes with a piece of PVC pipe in the middle.  Eight washers accompany this set.  Four washers are yellow and four others are orange.


The object of the game of Washers is to toss your washers into the box and hopefully the PVC pipe.  While it is out of your control, you also hope your opponent does not toss their washers into the box or PVC pipe.  The first player to 21 points is the winner.


Scoring in the game of Washers in simple.  A washer tossed into the PVC pipe is worth 3 points.  A washer tossed into any other area of the box is worth 1 point.  After both players have tossed all four washers, the point totals are added up.  The point total of the player that scores the least is subtracted from the person that scored the most.  The difference in the totals is given as the score of the person that scored the most. 

For example, Player A tosses 1 washer in the PVC pipe and 2 other washers in the box for a total of 5.  Player B tosses 0 washers in the PVC pipe and 3 other washers in the box for a total of 3.  Player A would get 2 points for that round.

Game Rules

For our game of Washers, we place the two boxes 10-15 feet apart.  At the beginning of each round each player holds their four washers, and, standing behind one box, the players alternate tossing washers at the other box.  Once all four washers are tossed, the players add up their points and assign a score to the correct player.  The players pick up their washers and follow the same routine, except this time taking aim at the other box.  The player who received a score for a round goes first in the next round.  If both players toss the same amount of points, hence neither player scores, then whoever went second for that round goes first in the next round.

This play continues until one player has 21 points.

Alternate Rules

Of course, you can always change the distance between the boxes.  My 3-year old son isn't very adept at tossing a washer 15 feet with any accuracy, so we move the boxes much closer together.  Also, if you don't like the rule that only one person scores at a time, feel free to just add up points and assign to both players.  Whatever makes this game the most enjoyable is the best way to play this great pastime.

The game of washers is something that I have played in my backyard with my college buddies as well as on the beach during a family vacation.  I would recommend breaking out this fun pastime during your next get-together, and have a great time.