Anyone who grew up going to skating rinks, bowling alleys, and arcades can remember the distinct sound of an air hockey table.  The clink of the coins dropping followed by the hum of the motor brings back fond memories of childhood.  You could always tell a game was on by the hollow sound of puck hitting each paddle and the rattle of the puck going into the goal.  Air hockey was and still is a great game.

Fortunately, you do not have to go far from home to play air hockey anymore.  In fact, you do not have to leave your living room, as now there are many tabletop air hockey games for the home.  I have run into several of these, but I have one favorite.  It is the Trademark Games Mini Table Top Air Hockey Set.  It provides great durability and fun for everyone in the family.  And all for a reasonable price.

A Great Tabletop Air Hockey Game for the FamilyThe Trademark Mini Table Top Air Hockey Set was given to my son as a Christmas gift.  He had just turned 3 so I was interested to see how he would respond to such a gift.  The results were fantastic.  He is already a fan of competition, so he took the game right away.  The paddles that are included were the perfect size: small enough for a small child to handle but big enough for an adult to use.  The paddles and the pucks are hard plastic and hold up well.

Powering the Air Hockey Table

This table is powered by 6 AA batteries which unfortunately are not included.  My experience has been that the batteries last a very long time.  The table has been played with extensively, and the batteries have only been replaced once.  The batteries are placed underneath the air hockey set and can easily be removed and replaced.

A great thing about this air hockey table is that it is actually air.  Many tabletop hockey tables do not actually utilize air.  A puck just slides across a surface.  With the Trademark set, a fan is turned on by a small switch on the underside of the table.  The fan does a great job of providing air that flows through the surface of the table.  The holes are large enough to allow for a good air flow, but small enough that they do not impede on the sliding of the puck.

Size and Maneuverability

The Trademark air hockey set is also a good size.  It is 22 inches long, which seems small at first, but it is a great size for kids.  Since the puck and paddles are small, everything fits just right.  Also, because of its size, it can be moved rather easily.  If you want to play in the living room, it can quickly be moved to and from a play room or kids room.  In addition, it is small enough for kids to carry it around. 



Other Features

Other features that make this a great purchase are

  • an easy to use scoring system
  • a quick and simple assembly
  • the inclusion of 2 pucks (comes in handy if and (most likely) when one puck gets lost

The only downside I have found with this air hockey set is that the felt on the bottom of the paddles came off quickly.  But my wife simply cut two more circles and hot glued them to the paddles and we have never had another problem.

Having a tabletop air hockey table in the house is a great way for everyone to spend time together.  It also provides my son a fun way to spend time with friends when they come over.  It combines competition and hitting stuff, two things young boys love to do.  And watching kids smile and laugh while playing with a high-quality, durable toy is something parents love to do.