Promoting Blog
There are many ways for promoting blog posts and getting people to your content.Many of the techniques used for blog promotion require experience, but their are options for beginners to get some people to their blog.

One great way for promoting blog content is using blog directories.Blog directories are community's of bloggers in a social network format similar to, for example Facebook.The big advantage of blog directories is not only how easy they are to join and set up but also they will promote your blog in a few different ways.

First of all your blog is available to all the other members of the community, your blog and individual posts can be browsed and searched for within the community.Secondly your blog can be found on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo through the directory.Thirdly you are building back links to your blog which is extremely important when it comes to getting you blog indexed on Google search.

I recently covered the most successful blog directory's, you should check out this post for the best top rated active blog directories.Here we will look at a similar newer website that works like a blog directory with a difference.

SeededBuzz.Com is a community of bloggers but they work harder to get genuine hits to your blog, bloggers connecting and building back links.

Seeded Buzz Logo

You start by "planting a seed" which involves telling other members about your blog and interested bloggers will link to you on their blog.You can also link to other members blogs on your blog and the more you connect with members the more you are promoting you blog.

It looks like a neat option for beginners trying to connect and build their blog and even the more experienced bloggers could benefit from Seeded Buzz.

In the end no matter what route you take when it comes to promoting blog posts and content you can never do too much.