Looking for something tasty to warm you up on a cold day? Plain soup,just not satisfying? Homemade chicken and dumplings will surely hit the spot.There isn't much ingredients required,there is already so much flavor to it but you can add anything of your liking to this recipe.There are many ways to make this delicious southern style dish,and this is the way my family has been making it for years.This is a fun and simple way to make chicken and dumplings,I even taught my daughter how to make it.Not only is it easy to make,it only takes proximately 45 minutes to prepare.The one thing about this recipe is that you can not have just one bowl,you just go back for more.That's what your looking for right? Then this is the recipe for you! Here are some scrumptious tips to make the perfect dumplings on the perfect chilly day.

Things You Will Need


2 cans of biscuits (your brand of choice)
2 chicken breast (depending on how many mouths to feed)
4 flavored chicken bouillon cubes
a pinch of garlic

Step 1

First off, set your stove to high and add water to a large pot to boil.

Step 2

add chicken.Cook until chicken is tender,and falling off the bone.

Step 3

Next,add the bouillon.This adds tasty flavor to the dumplings,make sure the bouillon is flavored chicken.Otherwise,it will have a different taste altogether.

Step 4

debone the chicken. (if you like) If you have children,I recommend you remove the chicken bones for safety.

Step 5

cut biscuits in to four quarters,add one section at a time.If you don't the dumplings will stick together causing a big fluffy mess.

Step 6

Let simmer until the dumplings are thoroughly cooked.I usually set aside the dumplings to cool,because it can be rather warm at first.Don't forget to add salt and pepper for flavor!
this is the way to make the best chicken and dumplings for you and your family.

Tips & Warnings

Be sure not to over cook the dumplings,if you do they will start to cook away and thicken the soup.