Car accidents do not only injure a person physically but also emotionally. Majority of people think that traffic collisions are only about the visible wounds and injuries; however, in reality, there is more to it. Los Angeles attorneys claim that an automobile accident victim is vulnerable to sustaining emotional distress as suffering from physical injuries.

One of the most common emotional injuries an automobile accident victim may sustain is posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to a press release by the American Psychological Association, about 10 to 45 percent of accident victims are likely to suffer from PTSD. Additionally, it was revealed that car crashes are the most frequent kind of traumatic event experienced by men and the second most frequent by women in the United States.

Understanding PTSD

According to the National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD is an anxiety disorder that an individual may sustain upon experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event like traffic collisions.

Common symptoms of PTSD include the following:

Being temperamental – People with PTSD are often easily irritated, angered, or bothered about their safety.

Difficulty sleeping – PTSD sufferers are likely to have difficulty in sleeping. Commonly, they may experience nightmares.

Repetitive remembering of the event – The most common symptom of PTSD is involuntarily and repetitive recall of the traumatic event.

Anxiety – If a person is becoming unreasonably anxious about his or her safety, chances are he or she is suffering from PTSD. Generally, accident survivors with PTSD do not want to be near people or places that remind them of the traumatic incident.

Treatment for PTSD

Car collision survivors with PTSD are advised to seek medical attention promptly in order to avoid any further complication. Common medical and psychological treatments for PTSD include:

•    Cognitive behavioral therapy
•    Exposure therapy
•    Cognitive processing therapy
•    Psychodynamic therapy
•    Family counseling and therapy

Filing for Legal Charges

Accident victims who are suffering from PTSD have the civil right to file for personal injury charges against the person who have caused them their pain and suffering. Under personal injury law, a negligent driver who causes injuries and trauma to a person should provide monetary compensations to the victim.

Proving PTSD before the insurance company of the liable party is always a daunting and challenging task. Because of this, accident victims are advised to seek professional help from personal injury attorneys. By doing this, victims may be assured that they concerns are well-addressed and attended to.