When selecting a Halloween costume for kids, a children’s costume wig often completes the look. Many of the best ideas for a Halloween costume include picking out a cool wig that will transform a child into the character he or she chooses to be for Halloween.

A children’s costume wig can come in many different lengths, styles or colors. It all depends on the theme of the outfit.

Some kids like to wear wigs with their costumes and some don’t. Make sure before you spend a lot of money or time on choosing a costume wig that it is something that they want to wear. It makes no sense to spend a lot of money on a wig if it is not worn.

Tips for Choosing and Caring for A Children’s Costume Wig

  • Make sure the wig is lightweight. It should be comfortable to wear.
  • The wig should be made of fire retardant materials.
  • The child should like the wig and think it’s fun otherwise he or she will not wear it. If they are forced into a situation like wearing a children’s costume wig they may be stubborn and keep taking it off.
  • Make sure the wig fits snugly but not too tight. You want the wig to be comfortable but not to the point that it slips off.
  • A children’s costume wig is better suited for older children. Babies and toddlers will probably not want to wear something on their heads.
  • Costume wigs are usually made out of synthetic fibers so be aware of the proper care so the wig will last longer.
  • If a children’s costume wig is worn a lot as kids tend to do, you will need to clean it and maybe detangle.  First you should detangle the children’s costume wig by combing it on a flat surface. For cleaning you can swish it around in water with a mild detergent, then rinse and hang dry overnight.

Cool Costume Ideas That Use a Children’s Costume Wig

There are many ideas for Halloween attire that children would love to dress up as that requires a wig for the full effect. I have included a list of the most popular costume ideas:

Disney character wigs for kids include a long red haired wig for an Ariel costume, a cute short, black hair wig for Snow White or a long braid for Rapunzel’s hair.

Most of the Wizard of Oz characters require a wig for the best effects. Dorothy wears braids, the wicked witch has long black hair, and Gilda the good witch has a headful of blond hair.

Long haired colored wigs are great for costumes such as punk rock stars, princesses, and glamorous movie stars.

There are an endless number of Halloween costume ideas for kids that would be better with a wig.

Where to Find a Deal on a Costume Wigs

The best place to save money on Halloween costumes is to purchase all your Halloween accessories after Halloween. Shop the clearance aisle for the best prices for next year’s Halloween costume. Masks are very popular to find discounted as is makeup. Every year starting with the day after Halloween, department stores will mark down all their Halloween décor including accessories for costumes.  The best thing to do is start planning next year’s Halloween costume on November 1. You may no longer be in the Halloween spirit but it really is a great place to start planning.

You can shop and compare prices online for a children’s costume Wig. It is better if you are flexible as to the kind of wig you want. It is much harder to find a deal when you have a specific type of wig. If you are open to various styles of wigs you will more likely find a great price.

Ebay is another place to find some unique costume wigs at good prices. Ebay is a great place where buyers and sellers get together to sell items like Halloween accessories. You simply search on Ebay for the kind of costume wig you want and you will be shown hundreds of different wigs in many styles and colors. The current bid is also shown which is often reflective of the final selling price. If you are the winning bidder Ebay will notify you and the item will be shipped to you right after you pay. You will find that buying any kind of Halloween décor on Ebay is a very simple process.

A specialty costume wig is not just for Halloween gatherings. You can use a children’s costume wig for all kinds of special events.

Kids like to dress up every day and a wig will give them the opportunity for some extra fun at parties or for just playing around.