Do you want to succeed in your life and get whatever you want? Of course we all do.
There is one characteristic that is essential for success, which is Self Esteem because it is crucial for your positive attitude towards yourself, others, and life in general.

What is Self Esteem?

It is the idea that you have about yourself, your sense of personal worth, the attitude that you have towards yourself. How much you value yourself, how much you accept yourself, and how do you believe in yourself and your abilities. It is the image that you have of yourself regardless of what others see in you.

When you have a healthy self esteem, you feel happy and in peace with yourself and the world around you, because your self esteem determine how you interact with the world, how you deal with people and judge them. But most importantly how you judge, respect, and treat yourself, regardless of your shortages.
"Self Esteem isn't everything; it's just that there's nothing without it." Steinem

What is Low Self Esteem?

Can you understand if someone's self esteem is high or low when you deal with them?
Can you feel if your self esteem is low or high? The effects on our lives are tremendous and are really worth thinking about and trying to overcome any negative feelings we have about ourselves.

Low self esteem feeds your negative thinking and causes you to believe the criticism others make of you. It makes you always feeling like a failure, and not being able to achieve anything.

So, when we talk about low self esteem, we are talking about a person who is not able to function well in situations because he feels less than others.

Low Self Esteem Signs

Watch for these signs and you can tell if your self esteem is in danger:

• Always expecting to fail in whatever you do (as a result of not believing in your abilities), and this is the most dangerous sign because it causes you to stop trying to succeed, and putting little effort into things because you doubt you can be successful.
• Expecting little out of life: because you feel you do not deserve a lot from life, so you always expect very little from life in general and from others, when in reality you could get a lot more out of life if you just work harder.
• Social withdrawal: your feelings of not being a worthy person make you withdraw from social life, because you feel you are less than others, which leads in some cases to being angry at yourself, at others, and at (the unfair life).
• Lack of social skills: as a result of the previous point, you do not try to acquire good social skills, or even work on the ones that you have, which you might do not believe you have.
• Depending on others for accepting yourself, so if they do not accept who you are, what you say or do, then you feel unworthy.
• Blaming others for your troubles or failures, by thinking and saying that your failures are somebody else's fault, you make it useless for you to try to succeed and be a valuable person.
• Being So Nice: not knowing how or when to say NO, and that usually comes from our childhood experiences, when they used to teach us to be nice to people to win their approval. Nice does not mean putting everyone's needs ahead of yours, but some people do this just so that people approve of them.
• Suppressing your feelings and being unable to express yourself, and that makes you try to go (numb) so not to feel disappointment or failure, and to stop reacting towards whatever is happening in your life or around you, and in some cases it even push you to find your happiness in the unreal world of dreams. Of course we all dream but to live in the dreams only in not healthy at all because it puts a barrier between you and the world.
• Inability to accept compliments: because of your low view of yourself, you do not believe compliments. Also, believing that you should be humble all the time, and you should not accept compliments as real will make your self esteem suffer.
• Poor Self Image: self image is how you see yourself, if you think you are a good, friendly, nice looking, honest person, if you like what you see in the mirror, or what you feel about your attitude when you deal with people and situations. If you have poor self image, you will not like what you see or feel.