Causes of Low Self Esteem

It is a well known fact that to be able to treat something, we should know the reasons that caused it, and here are some of the reasons:
• Childhood neglect: children brought up in conditions that lack love and affection usually grow up feeling unloved and unworthy, because being neglected in childhood is enough to make a person feel unworthy of love and attention, and of course that child will never be an adult with a high level of self esteem and success in life.
• Childhood Abuse: also, children who suffer physical or psychological abuse during their childhood years usually find it difficult to deal with people and social situations, because they believe they are different than most people, and by different I mean Lower Levels in many areas in life.
• Low level of education: people with low levels of education feel they are less than others, and that of course helps to feed their low self esteem. Also, sometimes they do not have the ability to judge things or situations right, which makes them socially failures.
• Rejection: there are two types of rejection, one is rejecting ourselves for not being what we want to be, and not always behaving in the right way and looking our best, like not being able to make a decision or to say the right things at the right time. The second type is fear of others rejecting us based on their standards of the right or (perfect) attitude, which we think is expected from us.
• Addiction: It can take many forms, but the most common ones are alcohol, drugs, food, and sex. Addiction can affect the psychological profile of the addict in many ways. And of course self esteem is one of the first areas that suffer, because the addict will develop low self-esteem and self worth as a result of his addiction and will grow increasingly isolated and paranoid because of this. Another important point to mention is that it is a closed circle, meaning that when the person becomes low in self esteem level, he will become more addict.
• Physical Appearance: Since Self-esteem is all about how much people value themselves, so physical appearance has a lot to do with it. Fat, skinny, tall, short, blonde, brunette, and whatever else describes a person has a lot of effect on his feelings. When you are not satisfied with the way you look, you can not have high self esteem, because you think not being able to look your best just makes you unworthy person, and lowers people's opinions about you.
• Perfectionism Expectations: when you have a certain image of success in your mind, you do not accept less than that image, and you always compare yourself to that image, and keep looking for imperfections that make you judge yourself in a cruel way for not meeting the image of perfection, which means you are not good enough. Perfectionists take every rejection as being unloved, and every failure as being incompetent, and even if they succeed at something but not achieving the perfect success that they desire makes them feel they are failures.