The Beginning:

I have been writing online for roughly a month on hubpages and have just come to infobarrel after reading some good reviews. As a novice in online writing and money making, I wish to share my experiences with other people in hope that they will continue on and be successful. Writing online is tough work and I have experienced that first hand. At the beginning of my journey (which I still am), I join in an article competition (30 hubs in 30 days). With little success, I kept on writing after reading other people’s success. Pumping out articles after articles through the whole 30 days, I made about 5 dollars in ad revenues from hubpages, none from google adsense, and about 5 dollars on ebay sales. To me, this experience was not a complete failure because I learned so much from it. Although my earning did not compare to others, what I gained from these knowledge is invaluable. 


What I learned:

  1. Be patient and persistence. Writing online is hard work, it is not a get rich scam. What I learned after I written my first 30 hubs was that I needed to make another 100 before I can even earn a dollars a day.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you are writing for profits, you need to write about things that others are searching for. It does not matter what websites you are writing for, you needs to learn SEO. Google adwords is a great tool, use it. The benefits of google adwords are that you also know how much people are willing to pay to advertise their products through those keywords and the numbers of search.
  3. Long Tail Title. If you do not know what a long tail title is, look it up. It is so important to learn this. A big group of words are more likely to come up in a search engine than one keyword.
  4. Quality and Original Contents. You probably already know about this but google loves original contents. If you written quality, original contents, and you know how to do SEO than you are already successful with making money online.
  5. Back links: Some people might say that backlinking is not important, I am not one of those people. Backlinking is important if you want to get traffic. Trust me, whatever you have written, hundreds or thousands of people have already written about it. Even if you written quality, original contents, and have the best long tail title, nobody will read it if it does not have backlink. Goggle ranks webpage by the numbers of quality backlink (links from good ranking websites like infobarrel).
  6. Don’t Put All Your Egg In One Baskets: Why write for one websites when you can write for multiple websites. Each websites have their own characteristics which is better for certain people. It is quite simple, spins your articles and just posts it on another websites. You can get double the money and get backlinks. When I say spin the articles, do not copy and paste. Rewrite the articles from another angle. If you have written the article once, you probably do not even have to look at it again to rewrite it. It is important that you write original contents even if you are spinning the articles.