There are few people these days that have not purchased small garden tables for their backyard patio. These accessories are perfect if you are not spending a whole lot of time outside, but still wish to be able to congregate outdoors; and have an occasional meal. With a small garden table you will find that the pleasure you derive from being outside and eating a meal will skyrocket in ways you could never have experienced just sitting on a lawn chair or even on the grass. The ability to be right in the thick of your gardening environment is also undeniably beautiful and peaceful. With a small table in this setting you can seek solace, yet have an excellent utilitarian resource at your disposal.

What To Look For In A Small Garden Table

As one can expect, garden tables are not a particularly complicated product. They are fundamentally meant to serve a purpose of looking nice and holding a few things like books and drinks, but little more. With this in mind, it is still important to explore the few necessary features that you should expect from any good quality table for your garden environment. On that note, let us dive in to this discussion and explore just what you should expect from any product you would be open to putting money down on.

For starters, you should immediately take a look at the price tag on the garden table you are looking for. There is no doubt in my mind that some companies will attempt to sell you an average product for a lot of money. Moreover, I know for a fact that you can purchase a good quality table for a very small amount of money as well. At most, I would place my own budget around $50 dollars, and that is being generous for most products available on the market. Unless you have a specific desire for an artistic piece or something really high end, this budget should do the trick for you. Consider products by IKEA or Adams Manufacturing that offer good quality tables for around twenty dollars or so.

Another major factor you should consider is the material of the table. Purchasing a metal table is not recommended for outdoors because they are prone to rusting and deteriorating fairly quickly. Yes, this even occurs if they come as “rust treated” simply because the treatment will wear off and require additional upkeep. I am an avid fan of hard plastic or wood myself. The latter may require some treatment as well, but it is not prone to rust and ultimately looks very nice on the eyes as well. It is important to consider the overall aesthetic of your garden. If you have a wooden fence, you may want to get a wooden table to match. While some people may concern themselves with the actual color of the product, I would not on account of the fact that you can purchase inexpensive and special furniture spray paint that will allow you to adapt the product to your specific color needs after purchasing.

A Few Great Garden Tables For Your Home

The first product I am compelled to recommend is the IKEA Lack Side Table. This is a product that I personally own and have utilized in a large variety of settings, for a multitude of purposes. It functions well outside, and is created from a plastic and wood blend that is of a very high quality considering the low price you can purchase it for. It is a very lightweight table, and as such can be moved from location to location very easily as is necessary. It is relatively highly reviewed by consumers, and I would expect that this piece of modern furniture will fit right at home in your living environment.

A good alternative that I would recommend is an Adams Manufacturing 8500-48-3700 Quick-Fold Side Table. This is a fairly “classic” looking wood garden table that will blend in nicely with most patio and garden furniture sets. As one should expect from a good garden table, this is created from a high caliber material that is not prone to peeling, rusting, or rotting. As a folding table this is portable, and can be used both inside and outside with little effort on your end. Keep in mind that this is meant to be a complimentary piece of furniture, and not your primary table. If you expect anything more, you will be disappointed.

There are many great small garden tables available on the market today. I do hope the information provided in this article will provide you with some insight into the perfect garden tables, and more importantly give you a good starting point for exploring some products that are known to work. These products are highly recommended and loved by quite a few consumers around the world. Small garden tables can make a great outdoor environment even better for sure!