V festivalThe V Festival is scheduled for August 20th and 21st at Westland Park and Highlands Park. This has and will be a great time for all who attend, but a few tips can make this an even better time. V festival tickets can be acquired online, and at a selected number of local ticket offices.

The V Festival is for only a few days, but packing for every circumstance will assure that you are prepared for anything that may happen. This doesn't mean that one must pack an exceptional amount of clothing though. A change or two of clothes and something for inclement weather will be sufficient.

Also, if one intends to consume beers while at the festival, it is suggested that they be bought before arriving at the Festival. The towns are a bit away from the actual Festival site and will become a bother to get to once settled in. Other stuff that one may want to pack before leaving for the Festival include sunscreen, toiletries, bottles for water, soft drinks, an inflatable mattress and a way to get your stuff from your car to your campsite.

v fest crowdA car is the best way to get to the festival. Although, the traffic can prove to be heavy at times. If the trains are the preferred means to get to the festival, be aware that on Monday morning it will be standing room only, so plan to leave Sunday night, or Monday afternoon. Coaches will guarantee a seat, although they may also encounter heavy traffic that takes longer than desired, and one will need to be sure to reserve the coach well ahead of time.

Food has typically been the usual fare of hot dogs and hamburgers. Although, there are now many vendors who do business in not only the arena area of the V Festival, but also in the campsites. While the arena vendors tend to only operate during the hours of the V festival, the campsite vendors do open earlier with breakfast fare and remain just a tad later than the 11pm shut down. V Festival prices on the food remain reasonable.

The V festival will be a smashing good time for all who attend. Just remember to be tolerant of others and considerate with your own actions.Outdoor festivals can get rowdy at times, but everyone is only trying to attain the same goal. That goal being having the best time they can for the weekend.