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Most of us have thought about the zombie apocalypse and most of us just laughed about it. Those people aren't me I think about the zombie apocalypse on a daily basis to such a point where I think I'm insane. This guide shows almost exactly what I would do in any situation. If you want to see someone elses point of view read this article. If you want to learn to survive in the digital zombie world you should read this article.

Pre Z-day

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Before the zombie apocalypse you need to have a plan in any situation. If you are in a new place you need to assess the situation. What can you use as weapons, where is the best exit, and  where the zombies will most likely come from. You need to have a plan before you get comfortable. You also need to know where you will go when you get out. If you are in a small town you should go to the local police office or someone who has a lot of guns and get armed. Make sure you know where it will be. If you are in a new town go to a gun store and get armed.

Friends, Guns, and Food

Before you do anything get a shotgun preferably with a high capacity magazine, this isn't left for dead it is not better to have a machine gun. When the zombies come you need to get a team together. Try and get some of your closest friends so you won't disagree. If you are like me you and your friends already know exactly what you will do. You should make a zombie apocalypse plan with your friends so you don't mess up and become infected. When you get your group together you need to find a safehouse that has food and water.  Avoid large buildings with lots of hiding places. The number one mistake people make is stay in the safe houses. You should stay outside and away from your safehouse unless you are in a heavily populated area. The reason for this is to keep the zombies away from your safehouse and to keep you from getting cornered in a building. When you get your safehouse ready its time for the long haul.

Helping Hands

ZombielandCredit: you get everyone in your group good weapons and have a secure safehouse you need to look for survivors. If you happen to find a survivor you need to assess how he/she will fit into the group. If the survivor is an insane gun freak covered with zombie blood and ammo strapped to his chest you might want to give up your leadership position. If it is a small child or just a generally useless person you can use them as a lookout. The possibilities are endless and you need to learn fast in a zombie apocalypse or you will get eaten. When you think that your group is complete you need to find a way out of this mess.

The End


You need to watch and/or listen to the news if you can and also listen to the people that you save. You will probably hear about a safe place or a vaccine. If you hear it from multiple sources you should look into it. If your group is small you should all go together. If your group is big you should split up and keep you second best survivor at the base. Travel close and try and find good temporary bases along the way to keep safe if it is a long trip. If you happen to find the base you have two choices. You can send one person back to get the rest of the group or you can all go back and take your chances on your whole group going back. If your lucky the base will have vehicles that they will take you back to your friends on. When you get there you will have a permanent home to stay safely until the zombies are gone.