Having fungus on the toenails can be a painful and embarrassing experience. Unfortunately some people will find that their fungus will take up to six months to clear. Toenail fungus is an issue that will not go away on its own. People who have this fungus will need to apply toenail fungus treatment.

People who suspect that they have a fungus growing on their nails need to look out for signs and symptoms. Those who notice swelling, thickening of the nail, yellowing, crumbling, chalkiness, streaks, spots and brittleness should seek treatment straight away. It is important for sufferers to be aware that they could lose their nail permanently if they do not seek treatment in time. In the early stages of infection, doctors simply file or cut off the nail. It is also possible to treat the nail topically in the beginning stages.

Serious cases will require medications that are taken orally. Most oral medications for this problem are classified as "anti-fungal". These anti-fungal solutions can be pricey and cause side effects. One of the more serious side effects of this medication is liver damage. Doctors will usually monitor the liver when a person is taking this type of medicine. Issues such as this are kept track of by taking blood samples on a frequent basis.

Ideally sufferers will take the time to see a doctor. While it is possible to get over the counter medication or herbal remedies, getting professional advice is always the best option. This is especially true for those who have more severe cases of fungus.

Mild cases will be fairly easy to treat. Generally the doctor will take a look at the problem and decide whether or not they can cut it off. If not they will prescribe a topical cream. These creams are inexpensive and have little to no side effects. In fact they can even be purchased at the pharmacy without a prescription. Those who do not have the time or funds to visit a doctor should head straight to the pharmacy. The staff there will be able to recommend common toenail fungus treatment options. 

People who want a natural toenail fungus treatment should head to their local health store. It is important to understand that the results experienced will be hit and miss. Some products will work, others will not and some will simply improve the condition without curing it. Due to this it is a better option to get medication.

Whatever a sufferer decides to do about toenail fungus, they must not ignore the problem. Leaving fungus as is will only make it worse. Once a person has treated their toes, they should ensure that they do not get another infection. This can be done by drying off after being in damp areas such as showers, swimming pools and gyms. Those who are uncertain they are dealing with a toenail fungus should get a doctor to look at it. When the risk of untreated infection is the loss of toenails, it is better to be safe than sorry.