For many people, even though we drive our trucks and other vehicles on almost a daily basis, maintenance is the last thing on their minds. This often leads to breakdowns and other sorts of issues, more often than not at times when we really cannot afford to have the truck out of service. To help prevent this from occurring, you should make sure that you understand the vehicle maintenance services that you have to adhere to.

Remember to Change Your Oil

One of the most important maintenance tasks that you will complete is changing your engine’s oil. After all, oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle and failing to change it for an extended period of time can actually create all sorts of problems. Just remember that proper lubrication is important for your engine’s health, so make sure that you change the oil around every 3,000 km.

The other vehicle maintenance services that you will need to undertake can be divvied up into one of four categories:

15,000 kilometre Check Up

The first major check up for your vehicle should occur at around the 15,000 km mark (or after about 12 months of ownership). The oil and oil filter will need to be changed, as will the engine air and cabin air filters. It is also a good idea to change your windscreen wipe blades, as there is no telling how long the previous owner left them on. This check up only needs to be completed once after you have just bought a new or second hand vehicle.

30,000 kilometer Check Up

Once your vehicle has done 30,000 km you will need to undertake each of the maintenance tasks that we outlined in the 15,000 km check up. You will also need to change the fuel filter; and replace the engine coolant, transmission and power steering fluid (as they can break down over time). This check up should be completed every 30,000 km.

45,000 kilometre Check Up

This check up is actually quite similar to the one undertaken at 15,000 km but its main purpose is to address your vehicle’s ignition system. You should replace the spark plugs at this point, as they are vital for smooth engine operation and can cause issues if they are not replaced. You should also replace the brake fluid, pads and rotors at this point.

60,000 kilometre Check Up

Once your vehicle has done 60,000 km you will need to repeat the service that was undertaken at 30,000 km as well as checking the timing belt. This device is used to regulate some of the critical engine components and can cause all sorts of damage if it breaks. Many people also like to replace their batteries at this point, as it prevents an unforeseen failure.

By making sure that you are familiar with all of the vehicle maintenance service schedules that we have outlined above, you can rest assured that your truck or car is always kept in tiptop condition. Not only will this ensure a smooth driving experience, it will help keep your vehicle’s internals in premium condition and lessen the occurrences of breakdowns. Keep track of the maintenance for each of the vehicles in your fleet.