Silk king sheets are often thought of as a luxury choice. But you do not have to be rich to buy king size silk sheets and they do not have to be a style statement: they are simply very comfortable to sleep in.

Comfort and Value for Money

When shopping for king size sheets, most people look for comfort and value for money. Many shoppers also want sheets that will last a long time. Silk bedding sheets are some of the most comfortable bed sheets available.

Silk can cost a lot more than other materials, and the cost is one of the reasons many people still prefer cotton. However, silk is a very durable material and can last a lot longer than some of the cheapest cottons, especially lower quality cotton with a low thread count. Looking at the thread count is a good way to determine the quality and durability, as well as the softness and smoothness, of a textile. The higher the thread count is, the better and softer the material is. For silk, look for a minimum count of 400. If you take care of silk, it can outlast lower quality cottons and become more cost-effective in long term.

Many people invest in silk simply for the comfort. It feels soft on the skin and can guarantee a good night's sleep, and once you have tried it you might not want to go back to sleeping in your old sheets. It also feels comfortable in any climate and any weather, and you can use it in the winter or in the summer. It keeps you surprisingly warm in cold weather, and never makes you sweat in hot climates.

Two Types of Silk

What makes silk so expensive? It is made by silk worms, and it takes thousands of worms to produce just a small amount of this luxurious material. The production is a time consuming process and this adds to the costs. Two types of silk are produced today, wild and cultivated. Wild, or Tussah silk, feels slightly rougher, and it has less luster than the cultivated silk. Cultivated silk is also called mulberry silk (the name comes from the mulberry leaves that are fed to the worms) is smoother and finer, its shape and its tones are more even, and it is also more expensive than the wild version. If you want the softest feel, the highest quality and the most durable material, mulberry, or cultivated, is the best option. Wild silks are less durable but they are also slightly cheaper.

So next time you are shopping for king sheets, consider silk. It can work out to be a cost effective choice and you are guaranteed a comfortable good night's sleep.