If you are an employer, you probably get angry whenever your employees report harassment issues at work. It makes you wonder how you can solve such issues in your company. Don't think deeper, because here is a short list of what you should do if you want to keep those harassment issues away from your workplace.

  • Create anti-harassment and discrimination policies. Your first step should be to draft an anti-harassment policy. With this policy, you will have the right to punish any employee who violates its conditions.
  • There should be a specific procedure for employees to report their experiences. Using this procedure, your employees will find it easier to report harassment violations inside your company.
  • There should be more than one individual who receives complaints from employees. Because of the refurbished procedure for complaints, expect more complaints from your employees. Because of this, you will need more people to receive these complaints.
  • Harassers and policy violators should be penalized. Whenever an employee or supervisor violates a condition from your policy, you should give them the appropriate sanctions.
  • Train your supervisors and HR personnel. As supervisors, they should know how to be role models in the company. If they commit violations, give them heavier penalties.
  • Protect whistleblowers and complainants from retaliation. You should provide protection for your employees who complained about harassment violations and reported about illegal activities in the company. If you do this, more people will surface and disclose what they know.
  • Deal with complaints and issues promptly. Once you receive a complaint from an employee, find a way to resolve the problem right away.
  • Consult a Los Angeles harassment lawyer. Dealing with harassment and discrimination issues is a confusing task. If you want to resolve things easier, you can call a lawyer to help you.

These are just some of the procedures on how you can deal with harassment in the workplace. However, no company policy will truly work without the support of your supervisors, managers, and employees. You must all work together if you want to maintain a harassment-free company.

Under certain federal and state laws, any form of harassment is prohibited in the workplace. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is one of the agencies that enforce these laws. Anyone who violates these anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws will be dealt with accordingly. For more details on workplace harassment, just talk with an expert Los Angeles labor attorney.