If one is looking for top quality designer mens shoes, then one should look no further than custom shoes for men made in Italy. Shoes of handmade craftsmanship are quite popular and are considered by many to be some of the best shoes on the planet. Footwear of this type is made of the best quality materials and in the finest styles. Designer dress shoes from Italy are still made through hand-by-hand means. These shoes make use of only the choicest materials for the inner and upper linings of the footwear.
Mens dress shoes of this level of craftsmanship are typically hand constructed. As such, they come at a hefty price, but you can also get shoes of this caliber at affordable prices as well. At the same time, if you want the style, fit, and comfort that come with the finest class of footwear, then you should consider getting shoes made by skilled hands craftsmen.

Selecting designer mens shoes made of top quality is not that difficult for a person who knows what separates fine footwear from the rest. Factors to take into consideration are the leather grade, the styles available in your respective size, and your personal taste in shoes. Since the grade of leather is quite important, we should begin by evaluating the options obtainable.

Once can identify “full grain” leather by its innate markings and original texture. The markings and texture will be unique from the type of animal from which the leather material was extracted.  Leather of such distinct quality, with its original texture, is considered the finest leather of all. To make sure you get your money’s worth, you must inspect the shoe for leather imperfections. The footwear should have a pleasant scent, and the leather should appear natural, mark-free, and pliable to your fingers. Perfection will not come cheap, but it will be worth it.

Leather exists which is cheaper. This type no longer contains its native grain but is covered with transported grain instead. Leather of this sort with a top coat is referred to as leather with a “top grain”. The name is often confusing to buyers of designer dress shoes because it is not actually authentic because of the eroded grains. Leather which contains its original grains is spoken of as “full-top grain” or “full grain”. Leather with a top grain variety is considered weaker than other leather types. While this kind of material has a lower grade, it is less costly, but it still wears well.  

The quality of stitching is also important when choosing top quality designer mens shoes. The finest stitching is that which is sewn in by hand. Leather which is sewn in this manner has proven to be the most durable in designer dress shoe construction. Some custom shoes for men include elegant stitching patterns, and this is an easy way to identify quality designer footwear. In most cases, the skillful design will take your breath from your body.