Buying expensive designer handbags is a luxury that not many people can afford. Whether it's the colorful, fluffy Juicy Couture purses or the chic, exclusive Chanel bags, for many people, the hefty pricetag is out of reach! Most people have families to support and bills to pay before forking over hard earned money for a purse with a $200 - $5000 price tag! There are ways around this is you have patience and are a thrifty and smart shopper.

One great way to begin your search for a cheap designer bag is to just take a look at your local thrift stores! I once found an authentic Chanel lambskin purse at a Salvation Army and paid only $5.00! What a find! If you check your local shops and church sales often you may get lucky, too! I sold that purse on ebay for $250.00! Now that's a profit! I can only imagine the treasures I'd find if I dedicated some time each day to rummaging through thrift stores!

Another fine way to discover vintage purses is to go to garage, yard, and church sales. Lots of times people don't want to keep stuff around and don't know a vintage purse when they have one. Do a little research and it can go a long way! One woman's garbage is another woman's treasure!

If you are not into traveling or don't have the patience to wait and see what you could come up with, there are websites to visit that sell Juicy Couture Handbags and purses for discounted prices. Sometimes they are very hard to find. Just do a web search for "cheap juicy" or "discount Juicy". You'll find a lot of sites with sales and deals on last season Juicy bags or clearance merchandise!

There are other websites that sell replicas that are as beautiful and as well made as the real thing. If you visit your local mall, you'll probably see the kiosks in the middle who sell Chanel, Juicy Couture, Prada, and so on. These are all designer replicas and they usually sell purses and sunglasses. There's no shame in it, I took one of mine into a Juicy store and got tons of compliments. I even had one appraised at $298.00!

Just a note for those of you looking to capatilize upon an opportunity; it is not legal to sell replicas in the United States, but you can buy them for your own personal use. Whether you choose to shop on a website for a quick fix or take your time and shop for the great deals, you will find some wonderful designer purses that are yours for the taking.