Twin beds with rails for toddlers can be a great choice for children that have outgrown their cribs, but still need the additional safety a crib provides. It's always a good idea to explore different options before making your final decision. With factors such as safety, style, and price to consider, finding the right bed is important.

Advantages of Twin Beds with Rails


Some toddlers might not be ready for a regular sleeping arrangement. Rails provide protection for children and prevent them from falling out of bed while sleeping. Having sturdy rails is paramount to having the safest sleeping environment for your toddler. It's also important to remember to get material like foam or rubber that isn't going to injure your child.


For kids that aren't ready to leave their cribs, a twin bed with rails can provide your child with the structure of a traditional bed with the safety of a crib. You can even use a conversion kit on a regular bed to make it resemble a crib. Once your child gets used it, you can detach the rails. If the child still has trouble adjusting, you can practice co-sleeping for additional protection.


For a growing child, a bed with rails allows them to stretch out more instead of sleeping inside a cramped crib. If your child is cramped, this may lead to injury by kicking or stretching out. These beds will help restless nights in an uncomfortable crib and still maintain a level of safety.

Peace of Mind

For parents, having peace of mind that their children are safe when they sleep is of major importance. If you can rest assured that your child isn't going to roll out and fall on the floor, then that affords you the ability to get a good night's rest as well.

Who Are Likely to Benefit From This Type of Bed?


The most obvious to benefit from this type of bed are toddlers. They are still rather small, but too big to fit in a regular crib. By using a bed guard rail, they can be provided with additional protection without the need for a bulky crib.


For seniors, this type can also be very useful. Many seniors can hurt themselves very easily if they roll out on the floor while sleeping. The rails also provide support for the elderly when they get up and lie down as well.

What to Look for When Buying These Types of Bed


The frames and rails are designed with various materials. The most common are wood and metal for the frames. The rails themselves are usually made of plastic, velboa, foam or plush so your children don't get injured if they roll into them.


Children may have specific colors they like or one that fits with a bedroom's design. This is no problem because these frames come in all kinds of colors including white, brown, and pink. The detachable rails also come in a wide variety of colors.


Before buying a specific frame or detachable rail, it's a good idea to check its safety rating. This can be done by checking reviews on websites such as Consumer Reports. If in doubt, you can contact the manufacturer for information regarding any injuries that may have occurred regarding its frames or rails. For example, if you're interested in a Regalo Hide Away Bed Rail, you can see what other consumers have written about it on sites like Amazon or even view the product in action on Youtube. If you are interested in additional safety, you can always pair a bed rail with a convertible crib rail for maximum efficiency.

How to Get the Best Deals on Twin Beds with Rails

Buy Used

Websites like Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay have plenty of options for buying used beds with rails. The great feature about eBay is that you can bid on a product to possibly get a lower price. You can also buy various conversion kits and guard rails used for cheap.

Scan Newspapers and Newsletters

By looking in your local paper or signing up for newsletters from places like Walmart and Target, you can hear about discounts on various products before others. If you check periodically for baby furniture and accessories especially, you can find loads of discounted beds. Places like Walmart, Target, Wayfair, and Toys R Us often have sales on all manner of furniture.

Get Coupon Codes

Some websites offer coupon codes to get discounts on many types of bedroom furniture. Simply Baby Furniture sometimes offers coupon codes that provide deep discounts on baby furniture and accessories. Amazon has a service called Askville which can be used to find out information about available coupon codes as well.

Conversion Kits

If you already have a frame, then buying a conversion kit can save you a lot of money. You can just use the conversion kit on an existing bed. If you already have a frame from a previous child, using the conversion kit allows you to utilize a used bed without much hassle.

Free Shipping

Finding sites or manufacturers that offer free shipping allows you to save a bundle on expensive shipping fees. When it comes to furniture, shipping can become very expensive. Some items may ship for free or may be available by registering a card through Target, Amazon, or Walgreens.

Friends with Older Children

You may have some friends with older children that outgrew the use of rails. By asking around, you may be able to find a used rail in a friend's attic or garage. The same goes for any relatives you may know that used bed rails for their children. You can probably get the rails and other accessories like sleep sets and pillows for cheap or even free if you're lucky.


The website The Bump and other similar sites feature articles on how to make a foam rail yourself. You can do so by purchasing a pool noodle, a foam roller, a craft knife, and a fitted sheet. Follow the steps of the guide in order to create your own railing with only a minimal expense.

When looking for twin beds with rails, finding the best and most affordable bed will not only give you peace of mind, but also provide your child with the safest and most comfortable sleeping arrangement your money can buy.