A Guide to Finding a Fun Exercise Program

Exercise ProgramsExercise programs have become very versatile. There are so many new choices for classes that allow you to get fit and have fun. If you have just started working out again ,or have decided to start a new more exciting exercise program you will soon see that your options are many. Almost every gym these days is catching on to the new fad of aerobic classes that go far beyond your typical step class. Many people have shied away from these classes simply for the fear of the unknown. Here is an easy, straight forward guide to catch you up on the newer fitness classes and what there all about!

The name alone is enough to scare one to death, especially in the world of aerobics. Simply put, Zumba FitnessZumba is a licensed program that combines salsa, hip-hop, and aerobics into one. If you love to dance then you will enjoy this class. It looks far more intimidating than it actually is. If you have walked by when a class was in session you may have noticed that the class was packed, and for good reason. Zumba allows you to work off a great deal of calories while having a great time.
The number one ability that you need for this class is the ability to laugh at yourself. You are most likely not going to catch on the 1st, 2'nd or even 3'd class and that's okay! Just have fun with it! You will do moves that you feel completely out of place doing and shake some things that your not yet comfortable shaking but after a while you'll let go of your inhibitions and have one of the most enjoyable work-outs you have ever had! Soon you will be leaving class feeling like you could be the next contestant on Dancing With The Stars. The key is to hang in there and not give up.
Due to the fact that Zumba is licensed program it can only be taught at selective gym's so check with your local gym to see if they offer it! If so, classes tend to fill up fast and depending on your gym you may need to get there early and grab a pass from the front desk.

Body Pump
Body Pump is another licensed program. Like Zumba it is only offered at certain locations, I know you can find it at YMCA and 24 Hour Fitness but as for other gym's you will have to call around or better yet, check out the official website.
Body PumpTechnically Body Pump is a weight sculpting class but don't let the word "weight" scare you! Women are often afraid of weight training fearing that they will bulk up instead of slim down. This class is not about bulking up at all! It is aimed at defining and toning your muscles to give you a well defined shapely figure, in other words a tight butt and arms that aren't flabby! According to www.lesmills.com, the mind behind Body Pump, you can burn up to 600 calories per class. That is far more than your normal exercise class, think about it!
The class itself is designed to be fun and challenging but you can take it at your own pace. You use a basic barbell, a set of different sized weights, and a step that acts as a bench press. If you are unsure on the weight you'll need just get there early and let the instructor know your new and she will be more than happy to help you.
The class combines weight sculpting for all areas of the body so be prepared to experience sore muscles a day or two after your first class. Overall it is very concentrated, easy to follow, and produces great results!

Spinning is an exhilarating indoor cycling program. Many believe that spinning is only for hard core athletes but the truth is spinning is great for any fitness level. You can go at your own paceFitness but do be prepared for a challenge as this is another high calorie burning class. According to Spinng.com you can burn well over 500 calories in a 40 minute session. Some women are burning up to 1000 calories in an hour. Bring plenty of water and be prepared to sweat. Start at a lower pace so you don't ware out early on. Again, let the instructor know that you are new so they can show you how to adjust your bike for your height and needs.

Body Combat
Body Combat is licensed by LesMills the same mastermind behind Body Pump. Body Combat it a mixture of martial arts such as Karate, Tai Chi, Boxing, and Tae Kwan Do put into a cardio routine to great music! This is another class where it may take a couple of classes to catch on but once Body Combatagain stick with and you'll be kicking your way through in no time! The class is really fun and energetic, after 60 minutes of feeling like you got your butt kicked you'll leave feeling like you can kick some butt!
Again this is a class that you can take at your own pace. If you cant jump, don't! If you lose your place, pick up when you can. There are a lot of moves but with time you will catch on, just take a spot in the back for the first few classes so you have a few feet to follow!

The main thing to remember when trying any of these new classes is to stick with it. Don't get discouraged early on and give up. You may feel like everyone is staring at you and your two left feet but their not! Everyone was new once, no one is laughing at you but yourself so just have fun with it. If you get lost jump back in when you can, if you cant see the instructor just follow someone who looks like they've got it down.
The number one rule of these classes, above all else, is to just have fun! And as always make sure that you check with your health care provider before starting any work out or exercise program.