Make a splash with the perfect swimsuit from retailers like Kohl's and Spiegel. The perfect swimsuit will be different for each person. There are a few guidelines that you can follow to find the right piece for you.


There are swimsuits available for all different body types and needs. For a vintage effect that is modest, try skirted suits or swim dresses. Modernize the look with a solid piece of fabric or pay homage to the vintage style with a navy and polka dot effect. Look for tummy panels for a smoother fit.

The usage is important to pay attention to when you go shopping. A lot of sports swimsuits are a streamlined one piece. Bikinis work well for tanning or a day at the beach. Define where you will be using the piece to get an appropriate product.

Swimsuits come in all different styles. This can be an extension of your wardrobe or just an opportunity to branch out in totally different directions. For a feminine look consider a faux lace fabric. If you want a more fashion forward or contemporary feeling then get a jeweled neckline in a daring color like cobalt blue. Venture into different spandex fabrics with metallic shimmers for an unusual look.

If you can't find the perfect suit then consider separates. You can go with coordinating tops and bottoms to get a style that works well for you. If you have a neutral color in the fabric like black and white then you can have a multitude of possibilities and pattern combinations. This allows you to get the most figure flattering piece possible. A tankini can have the appearance of a one piece but you'll have a lot more options for the fit. You could go with a swim skirt or halter top depending on your needs and taste.

Color and Pattern
Swimwear is an opportunity to bring in different colors that you might not have in your wardrobe. Look for bright colors that are reminiscent of summer like orange and yellow. Another option is to go with a retro inspired stripe with different shades of blue and red.

Floral prints are traditional but you can look for modern versions. Instead of a floral print try more of a tropical feeling with a lot of ferns or vines. Another option would be to change up the color palette to a black and purple motif.

Subtle Details

Even if you go with a solid color suit there are items of interest to pay attention to. Consider the width of the strap as well as the silhouette. A casual look will seem more important with ties that you can use to adjust the fit. A wider strap gives coverage while shirring adds a figure flattering element. Metal is also a popular element on swim suits. This could be a chain for a rock star look or a simpler version with button or buckle details. Coordinate this with the tone of your jewelry, beach bag, and sandals for a cohesive design style.