If you have a guest room or do a lot of travelling yourself then you will need a luggage rack for home to make unpacking and re-packing easier. A good luggage stand should be a part of every good guest room as they just make the experience of unpacking more easy and fluent. This can make a guests stay more enjoyable and can even help prevent injuries that could arise from unpacking on the floor. In this article we will look at everything you need to now about these handy pieces of home furniture and where you can buy one.

Why Buy a Room Luggage Stand or Rack?

Using a luggage rack is far more preferable to unpacking on tables or beds as it protects both the bed/table and the floor from getting damaged or dirty. It can also help prevent injury, which can be a result of unpacking and lifting luggage from the floor. Luggage stands are made to sit at the most ergonomic height possible and can usually be placed right where they are needed; off to the side of, or at the end of the bed. A good piece of guest room furniture like this is practically a household essential. So if you want your guests to have as comfortable a stay as they would get from a luxury hotel or resort then a luggage rack is a great investment.

What to Look for in a Good Luggage Stand

There are a few things to look for when trying to get the best possible unit for your spare bedroom. The first thing is whether there is room or hangers for other accessories to be placed on the stand. This can be great for if your guest has another overnight bag or a handbag. The next thing to look for is a 'wall protector' or a back rail. These additions stop suitcases and bags from rubbing against the wall or bed frame and can prevent costly damage from occurring.  Another important thing to look for on wooden frames specifically is whether there is some form of padding that will stop the suitcases from rubbing the finish off the wood. Some have a piece of material that sits over key contact points and this should be a bare minimum. This is particularly important if your guests have chrome luggage or if they have expensive designer luggage as it will also protect them from damage as well. Finally, you should also pick ones with sturdy construction, especially if your guests usually bring more than just overnight bags. A warranty can also be a good backup in a situation where you are afraid that the stand might break.

Wooden Luggage Racks vs Stainless Steel Luggage Racks

Solid wood is typically more attractive but it is also more expensive. It is also a bit more stable and can be less creaky in some situations. Stainless steel is more practical and pragmatic while being cheaper to purchase. If you are looking for something that is functional and inexpensive then you are probably going to be better off with a steel framed model instead.

Should You Buy a Folding Luggage Rack?

Folding luggage racks come in different materials and from designer and budget manufacturers and both options has their own advantages. Folding racks have the advantage of easier storage and can be hidden away underneath a bed or in a storage cupboard. This can be great if your guest room is small and you need the room. Non-folding, on the other hand, are typically better looking and more stable in their design. You can get some really ornate stands if they do not need it to fold up and if you are looking for a centerpiece for the room then this is a great option.

Where to Buy a Bedroom Luggage Stand

Depending on whether you are looking for a cheap luggage stand or a designer luggage stand, there are a few places you can look. The first two options are the most well-respected manufacturers and the final one is the best place to buy if you are trying to save money on your purchase.

Wooden Mallet Deluxe Luggage Racks

On of the most respected brand names in the industry is Wooden Mallet and they make some excellent pieces of deluxe guest room furniture. Wooden Mallet furniture is often the type used in guest houses and high quality Inns, so if you want to give your guests the authentic experience then this is the best way. You can buy Wooden Mallet products from furniture retailers and online through their official website.

Winsome Wood Luggage Racks

Another high quality, albeit slightly less expensive option is Winsome. Winsome makes some really professional looking pieces of furniture and they can be a great way to polish off a room with rich wooden hues. Winsome typically makes less expensive items and they are usually a bit more simple in design, which is great if you are trying for a simplistic decorative style. Winsome products can be purchased through their official website, in stores and on online retailers like Amazon.


Amazon has a huge number of both cheap and designer luggage stands available for purchase. The primary benefit of buying through Amazon is to reduce the amount you are going to have to spend. You can sort by price and find ones that offer cheap or free shipping to save the most amount of money. Remember to always check the customer reviews before purchasing, however, as you will be able to get a good idea of the quality of the item.

Above all else, remember to pick the most appropriate piece of furniture for your guest rooms style and for what your guests need. If you have guests that visit for a long time then remember that you will need a rack that can handle the weight of larger bags in addition to holding handbags and jewelry. Getting a luggage rack for home can be much more simple if you follow these basic tips.