Developing self-confidence can seem like a long journey, especially for those who do not have experience facing a situation that demands it. Individuals with major differences in self-esteem and confidence have experienced different levels of success with work performance, relationship management, and motivation.   

Research has shown that individuals with high self-confidence align their goals around growth and improvement. In contrast, those with low self-esteem place their focus on avoiding problems or making mistakes.

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Almost everyone can improve their self-confidence, even the ones who are already off to a great start in developing it. Improving your confidence can help you feel more confident in your work and relationships – you will also have a more positive outlook on your life.  When your peers and friends see the new you, they will regard you more highly.

One of the keys to building self-confidence is to simply be happy with where you are and where you are heading in your life. If you have a positive assessment of your self and the direction your life is heading, building self-confidence can be as simple as unlocking a door.   

Finding your self-confidence involves having the same essentials that is required for constructing a building. You need a base, foundation, and support structure.  The process may take weeks, months, or even years.  It involves breaking years of bad habits and re-writing your self-belief. You will essentially transform the way you think.

The following strategies provided below will help you re-create yourself and place you on the path towards developing your self confidence.

Confidence grows when you become more mindful and aware of your feelings.  What you give to the world comes back to you, and this is a concept that is highly relevant to self-esteem. The more positive you feel about your actions, the more open you will be about how you interact with the world.   

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Having negative thoughts can weigh you down.  It is difficult to eliminate these thoughts from your head, especially if they stem from recent events.  You should remember to give yourself space and time to re-analyze your situation. There is no need to be harsh on yourself when you wouldn’t be harsh on your fellow peers or friends in the same situation.

Once you recognize what is negatively affecting you, you can be better able to adapt to, prevent, and manage them.  Controlling negative thoughts and emotions can be a big first step towards developing self-confidence.  While understanding your positive features and attributes can be difficult, it will become more natural over time.  Before you recognize the values you are proud to have, you should make sure you have a plan in place to combat negativity, because it will arise time and time again.

Confidence is not just a behavior - it’s an emotion you’re experiencing.  It means you are happy and satisfied with your life in emotional, physical, and mental terms.  Everyone is different, so you must find your own way to be comfortable and happy with where your life is.  

Everyone has a different state of mind about their life and that fact should be appreciated.  No one should have a reason not to feel happy and comfortable with who they are and what they represent. Positive self-perception means having a smart and strong attitude. It is not a predetermined image or identity that you should live up to.  This concept encompasses the mental, physical, and emotional feelings you have about yourself.  Feeling at peace with your body and mind can help make self-confidence development more natural.  Additionally, maintaining positive energy will help you throughout your social and personal life.  

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Once you have developed a more positive and peaceful state of mind, replace your negative thoughts with more uplifting ideas.  You do not have to focus on eliminating your negative traits, but instead mitigate them by emphasizing the ones you look highly upon.    

Reminding your own values with positive statements will foster confidence in your mind.  Saying them out loud and repeating them will prevent those self-criticizing thoughts.  If you begin to feel critical of yourself or apathetic, stop and remind yourself what you have accomplished so far and the great things you still have yet to do.  Looking at things from a “glass half-full” point of view will significantly change the way you look at yourself, and self-confidence will be attainable.

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Everyone has strengths, or qualities they shouldn’t be ashamed of.  Your qualities distinguish yourself and make you feel more confident.  You can create a list of things you like or value about yourself.  Your friends and family can also add more to the list, which may surprise you.

Those within your social circle or family can recognize great qualities you have that you may have not noticed. These are worth celebrating and being proud of. Do not deny what others see in you - give yourself the proper recognition in order to make your confidence blossom.  

If you run into a self-criticizing or unpleasant thought, record it and imagine it as a clump of paper.  Every time that thought comes up, throw that paper into the waste bin.  This way, you are throwing away your negative feelings as if they were garbage.  

Overcoming anxiety and confidence issues can be achieved by simply approaching the problem head on. Whether you are doing a class presentation or jumping off an airplane, simply jumping off or stepping up to the podium can bring out a confidence that you never thought you had.  The unknown is more intimidating than the actual experience. Once you bring yourself out there, you will find that every obstacle is not as menacing as you thought.  

Achieving a goal or overcoming an obstacle starts by establishing small objectives. Confidence can build when you make a check on a list. Getting things done always feels good, no matter how small the task is.

One final thing to think about is that what distinguishes people also makes them unique and special.  You can only be you, not whoever you try to emulate.  Focus on being the best potential person you can be and you will begin to see the world through more confident eyes.