Blog owners who map out their content before blogging typically find it much simpler to design and manage their blogs. This preplanning also makes the site more attractive to readers. When you take the time to sketch out your site in advance, you are able to establish a content management style which will allow you to maintain a blog that works for both you and your site visitors.

Should You Use Pictures or Words?

While some blog pages are filled with pictures, the pages of other blogs consist mainly of text. Then there are bloggers who successfully use a combination of text and images to make their sites popular. A portion of your preplanning should be dedicated to you deciding whether or not you will use pictures, words, or a combination of both in your blog site.

The Length of Your Posts

Not all posts have to be 300-400 words. Some writing pieces may be longer, and some may be shorter. Your readers will probably appreciate some sort of predictability as far as length, but there is no etiquette rule regarding post length. If you ever end up with a post that could take someone a whole hour to read, then this is a post you probably want to break down into several different entries. Leave each post with a cliffhanger, and your readers will be rushing back to catch your next publication.

How Often Will You Post?

A number of blog writers add posts to their sites several times in one day. Then there are other bloggers who only publish new information four times a month. The frequency of your posts will be dependent upon several factors. Among those factors are your personal availability and the ease of creating or locating content.

Getting Your Blog Out Front

What can you do or write about that will make your blog be noticeable? Focus on a specific subject or niche; avoid creating your site around a broad topic. For instance, the topic of fruit would be too vague. Now, if the content of your blog was centered on the subject of strawberries, then a concentrated focus on this topic would make it easier for potential readers to find you.

Verifying Your Blog Content

People do not go see a doctor to get information on electrical outlets; they go to receive medical advice. Individuals want to read facts from experts and scholars. If you are going to write a blog on English literature, then you need to become an expert on that particular subject. Once your blog is viewed as a credible source of information, then you are bound to attract a larger audience.

Make Your Content Relevant

Remember an image can express a thousand words so if your site involves a subject where visual aids can enhance your pages, then you should consider adding pictures. Often, if the readers are captivated by the images they see, they will go ahead and read your content. If your content is good enough, then eventually your audience will come back for more than just the pictures. Podcasts and videos will also be a great addition to your blog if the content is relevant.