There are tons of different gemstones you can choose from when selecting jewelery to purchase.  Besides the classic gemstones like diamon, ruby, sapphire, and emerald, many great stones are relatively unknown. This gemstone guide will help you identify and remember the names of many popular gemstone so you can know what to look for!



spinelSpinel - Spinel is an interesting gemstone that throughout history has been associated with or confused for rubies. However, it is actually an extremely rare gemstone itself! However due to its rarity, most Spinel seen for sale today is actually synthetic. Regardless, synthetic spinel is a beautiful gemstone that, like tourmaline, can be found in a variery of interesting colors and styles. Particularly interesting are the dark colors that Spinel can be found in, such as dark blue and even black. Another advantage of synthetic Spinel is that it can be generally found for very reasonable prices while still looking good.

Fire Agate

Fire Agate - Fire Agate is a stunning variety of chalcedony (silica) that formed under intense temperatures during periods of volcanic activity. Fire Agate is only found in areas of the SW United States and Mexico, so it is fairly rare.[1] Prices are still reasonable however and the look of the stone isamazing. It is iridiscent and will reflect back an array of colors in the light.



Tourmaline - Tourmalines are very popular gemstones because they are failrly common but high quality stones that can be found in a vast variety of colors. Tourmalines are a group of complicated silicate minerals that have many different "species" within them. The price of tourmaline is generally fairly reasonable for a gemstone but it all depends on the clarity and type of tourmaline. A tourmaline of almost any color can usually be found and some tourmalines even contain more than one color in the same specimen! The colors are dependent on what traces of other materials are in the stone. Tourmalines are commonly found in all kinds of jewelry and sources of the mineral are found throughout the world!

JasperJasper - Jasper is another amazing stone that is used to create beautiful and unique pieces. Jasper is categorized as an opaque and impure silica (quartz). It is found in a varieties of red, oranges, and other colors and is commonly striped (banded) or spotted. No two stones will be quite the same with jasper! Jasper is found in abundance in various places throughout the world, so it is fairly inexpensive. The value of jasper is in finding a completely unique stone that you love!