If you are just beginning to ride in the terrain park, you are most likely going to want to start on the box rail. They are wide and short, generally easy to ride on to and generally easy to master after a bit of practice. Box rails can differ in difficulty and a wide variety of tricks can be performed on them, making them great for learning. Some have bends and kinks, while others are level and straight. Some should be taken very fast and others very slow. You will have to decide for yourself if the box you are going to attempt is suitable for your skill level. If you want to get started on box rails, the first trick you will need to learn is the 50/50. This is going straight on the rail, the whole way through. Sounds easy? Theres some things you need to know before you start jumping on a box. Read on to find out...

Things You Will Need

Snowboarding Gear (boots, bindings, board), a Helmet, Snow, and a Little Bit of Courage.

Step 1

Carve up to the feature you are going to attempt. Keep your speed at a reasonable rate, if your are nervous feel free to go slow. As you get closer, straighten your path so you are aligned with the box.

Step 2

As you rid up on to the box, keep your weight on your back foot. Keep your balance.

Step 3

Once you are riding on the box, keep your base flat. Under no circumstance try to turn using your edge or you will fall. Keep your weight on that back foot!

Step 4

Either there will be a drop off, or a patch of snow to ride off. Either way, keep you weight on your back foot! Don't forget! If you lean forward you will end up with a mouth full of snow and a headache. Absorb the landing with your knees.

Step 5

Ride away like you own the place! A box rail can be easy to ride, but hard to master. Remember to keep your base flat, and put your weight on your back foot. Before attempting any feature, be sure to ride up and check it out beforehand. Be sure to take in note the surface of the rail, as well as the landing area. Make sure there are no rocks or sharp objects in the vicinity that you can fall on before or after the feature. Stay low and balanced while on the rail, keep loosey goosy so you can easily shift your weight when needed. Once you have mastered going straight on the box, you can expand into boardslides - that is, turning your board so you are 90 degrees to the box. - and presses.

Tips & Warnings

ALWAYS wear a helmet. Even if you hardly fall, there is always a risk. Better safe then sorry, even a small hit to the noggin can give you serious brain damage. Do not try anything above your skill level, know your limits and stay within them. Do not try a kinked or down box until you have mastered an easy, straight box.