Imagine if this happened to you: you are travelling alone abroad on a leisure trip. When you reach your destination, your luggage containing your cash and personal effects gets lost. After unsuccessfully searching for your bags, you decide to replace your lost items with the little pocket money you have since you have nothing to use on your trip. You have then decided to get a rental car and go to the nearby mall to buy your needs. On your way there, you get into a car crash and sustain injuries, with the rental car you were driving in a total wreck. You have not enough cash on hand to cover for all the damages incurred to the rental, and the cost to bring yourself to a hospital for treatment. You are at a loss on what to do, being all alone in a foreign country without any help on the way.

The example above might be an extreme situation, but these things can happen to you. This is exactly the reason why select travel insurance comes in handy for any traveller. select travel insurance can aid you in your travel needs if anything untoward happens on your trip. It can protect your luggage in case of losses or delay in arrival, and also offer you assistance in case of any concerns pre-departure trip cancellation and post-departure trip interruption. At the same time, it can also give you financial assistance in case of any accidental dismemberment to occur, or even death. The select travel insurance plan is valid for a 90-day maximum beginning either on the day after enrolment, when the plan has been postmarked, or when your online application has been completed; and ends on the day earliest of either your arrival home, the date you have indicated on your application, or 90 days from the start of actual coverage.

During the certificate period, co-insurance coverage within and outside of the United States and Canada agrees to a payment of allowable expenses up to 100% of the Overall Limit Maximum except during cases of cancellation for any reason benefit, which pays only 75% of the max amount. select travel insurance also has expanded coverage on other untoward incidents that can occur, which could involve sudden terrorist attacks on flight or even financial insolvency. And in case you would have any special needs, select travel insurance is flexible to provide you with other services outside of the standard coverage plan. What's comforting about having this kind of insurance is that should you have any questions on your plan and coverage or any other pressing concern while you are on your trip, select travel insurance is ready to entertain your queries with its 24-hour multilingual emergency assistance anywhere you are in the world.

The main benefit of availing of this insurance plan is that you are left without any worries or hassle so that you can enjoy your out-of-town trips. Getting an insurance plan is an investment, but it is a worthy investment especially if you are going away on a long trip without any familiar face to assist you in case you need help. It is a reality that health risks and issues such as pandemic outbreaks (swine flu, SARS, or other dreaded diseases) and terrorism and political insurgencies are happening in certain countries or localities, but you don't want these things to spoil your trip altogether. Having an insurance plan like select travel insurance can keep you worry-free because you will not need to think of what you would do in case you encounter such situations - the insurance company will take care of it all. Now that you are aware of what select travel insurance can provide, it is always safe to consider insuring yourself because being secure on your vacation is priceless.