If you are reading this article, chances are that this is your first pregnancy and you'd like to have more information about it. As a guide to your pregnancy, here are some important steps for you to follow before you seek advice from anyone else.

As a first step of a guide to your pregnancy, having seen the first stick, you need to confirm your pregnancy by visiting the doctor at the earliest. For this, do not wait any longer and make a call to the local doctor for an appointment. Ensure that the time given to you is as early as possible because it is important to confirm your pregnancy and take further medical guidance accordingly.

Having confirmed the pregnancy by conducting tests and consulting the local doctor, the next step of a guide to your pregnancy would be to find out about a good gynecologist in your neighborhood and set up an appointment as soon as possible. Also, try to find out if any midwife is available near your home as a guide to your pregnancy

When you go for appointment with the gynecologist, you may be asked to wait while the junior doctors or assistants carry out some important tests. They might also ask you many questions. Do not feel upset about it if you feel any of the questions is too personal, because by asking these questions, there are only trying to be a guide to your pregnancy.

When that gynecologist conducts the examination, you may feel a bit odd on your first visit; but should soon overcome the feeling. You should feel free to ask any questions that you have so that there are no lingering doubts in your mind when you go back home. Make it a point to take the emergency number so that you can consult on telephone whenever there is a need of a guide to your pregnancy.

From then on you would be asked to come for regular checkups during which the blood samples will be taken and other tests conducted. Around the 12th week, you may be asked to undergo the ultrasound test to help determine the gender of the child and also find out if the position in the foetus is without any complications.

The durations of future appointments as a guide to your pregnancy will depend upon the various tests being conducted from time to time and also will reduce as the time of childbirth draws nearer.

It is important to know that following a doctor's advice seriously goes a long way in keeping the health condition of the mother as well as the newborn child under control. Do try to take all the vitamins, prenatal capsules and other medicines regularly.

Also keep in mind that, having regular checkups done despite the fact that you may be feeling completely all right is a good thing because that way the doctor can most appropriately be a guide to your pregnancy and control any problem before it takes root.