I have been to Cuba 4 times since 2008 and each time I went there I went with a different purpose. In this article I describe what you want to look for if you are interested in a vacation filled with partying and adventure on the island.

The obvious choice to go to would be Varadero. Out of my 4 times, I have actually yet to go there but I have heard mixed reactions in terms of food quality and the beach. If you want a great party place as well as quality food and drinks, I strongly recommend Tryp Hotel in Cayo Coco. I went in the off-season in December 2008 and yet it was still packed with many young and single guests. Despite the weather being on the cooler and windy side for about half of the trip, the beach was beautiful and the water was fun to swim in.

If you do decide to go to Tryp, make sure to visit the bartender that is located between the Chinese and Italian restaurants. Assuming he still works there - and in Cuba things don't change very fast - he makes the best drinks I have ever had.

If you want to go to another place other than Varadero or Cayo Coco, here's some simple guidelines to follow to find a party place:

1. You'll have the best luck going during the busier season for Cuba, which runs from January-May, of going to a hotel filled with guests where all the entertainment and facilities are open.

2. You want to go to a place that is fairly close to a town with access to locals. Some remote islands of Cuba have access only to tourists or Cuban workers. Avoid these locations if you want to interact with locals without it being their "job". I'll let your imagination decide what wide range of activities the word job could imply.

3. Avoid family friendly or senior oriented resorts. Its fairly easy to tell which ones those are. If just about everything seems to close up after 11pm by most people's review, those are the family friendly resorts.

4. Make sure the resort's club has a good review, or failing that, neighbours a resort with a good club. You may not want to go town every night to party (or the town may not be active that particular night) and having a good night life at the resort will help ensure that you don't have to leave the resort to have a fun night.

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