I have been to Cuba 4 times since 2008 and each time I went there I went with a different purpose. In this article I describe what you want to look for if you are interested in a relaxing Cuban vacation with little partying or other adventure.

The main thing you would be looking for is a resort with a relaxed atmosphere and a wonderful beach. Cayo Santa Maria from my November 2010 trip to Cuba fits that bill very well. The white sands and blue ocean was the by far my favourite beach experience out of the 4 times I went to Cuba. I have heard Cayo Largo is even better than Cayo Santa Maria in terms of the beach but have yet to experience that myself. The island is restricted only to tourists and locals who work at the hotels so while it is not a good place to explore Cuba or interact with locals, it is an excellent place for peace and quiet. Because of the amazing beaches on the island, the Cuban government is currently constructing more hotels and attractions there. In 5 years from now it could turn into a party place, but for now it's isolated and peaceful.

If you choose a destination other than Cayo Santa Maria, here are some additional pointers of what you should be looking for in order to relax on your trip:

1. Its preferable for you to go during the off-season of November and December as less tourists make for a quieter resort. You'll also benefit from it being cheaper than a normal Cuban vacation. Just refer to the weather chart I provide in my article A Guide to Vacationing in Cuba to ensure you're going to a place with a temperature warm enough for your standards during this time.

2. Family friendly and senior oriented resorts are generally seen as more relaxed and may also have services that help you to relax further like a day care for your children. Just be aware of any nude beaches in the vicinity if you prefer to not have your children seeing them.

3. You'll want a resort with a good selection of restaurants and positive feedback for the food. Generally a relaxing vacation for me involves sitting in a nice restaurant and enjoying a good meal.

4. See if your resort has spa or massage services as that can enhance your relaxing experience.

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