The Guide to The Samsung S4

When you’re considering getting different telephone models in the smartphone market at the moment, you will naturally be drawn to the Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s a phone that entices the young and the old and those looking for a business phone or a lifestyle phone. The power of the phone really is amazing.

In this article, we’ll have a look at the specifications of the phone and then we’ll consider how good it is to use in terms of one-handed functionality and the general ergonomics of the phone.

The display

Perhaps the standout feature on the Samsung Galaxy-S4 is the display. It has over 450 pixels per inch which is incredible. To put that in context if you doesn’t really mean anything to you, there are as many pixels on the 5” display of the Samsung Galaxy S4 as there were on a £1,000 TV four or five years ago. It really is a stunning display with beautiful colours and when you’re looking at photos and video, it is natural yet vibrant and always crisp and clear.

The camera on the S4

Telephone models these days are used increasingly as our primary camera. The cameras have therefore had to improve greatly. The Samsung Galaxy-S4 has a 13 megapixel camera with a lot of additional features. You can change mode simply by tapping on mode when you have your camera on and you can swipe through different options. You could choose beauty face where the camera detects the face of people in the photos. You could choose night mode and you could choose best shot. All of these different options and many others provide the opportunity to get better photos more of the time. The autofocus does a very good job in most situations too. The video on the camera is HD and is impressive. You get 1080p and you are sure to be able to play it on a big TV screen.

The processing power and internals

The processing power of the phone is also impressive. You get a quad-core 1.9GHz processor with 2GB of RAM. This is enough to do just about everything you could want to do on the phone with speed and consistency. Indeed, multitasking on your Samsung Galaxy-S4 won’t be a problem at all.

The battery in the phone is good. Compared to other phones in the industry, it tends to stack up pretty well. You can normally get through a day on the phone very comfortably even if you’re using WiFi and GPS. Obviously you will drain the battery faster doing these things but you should only have to charge at night.

A little about Android

Telephone models these days have excellent operating systems on them. There is a constant battle to improve the interfaces and get them better. The fact is that the user interface on the Samsung Galaxy-S4 is very easy to get around and very responsive. You can learn what you need to do to get around with about 10 minutes of playing on the phone.

But then you’ll have access to 700,000 apps to increase the experience too. There are many free apps available on Android and not getting into applications is a real waste of the power of your phone. You do of course have a microSD card slot so you can pack your phone full of useful applications and organise them nicely in your interface.

The ergonomics of the phone

The phone is very big. However, it is designed in a way that the corners are smooth and you can use your thumb to get just about anywhere on the phone. The designs of the flip covers you can get for the Samsung Galaxy-S4 are equally functional and for about £20, you can get a really good flip down cover as opposed to flipside cover where you can take pictures without removing it from the cover and protect your phone but also not increase the girth too much and so keep the ease of use.

The three buttons at the bottom of the phone are extremely good. They are responsive and you can have a sound for every time a press is registered. This makes it extremely good in terms of feedback, an essential component of good ergonomic design.

Mobile broadband and 4G on telephone models

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with 4G, or Long Term Evolution capacity. Essentially this means that you can jump onto a 4th generation signal and do things a lot faster.

What is 4G?

4G is the next generation of mobile broadband. It has been released already by Everything Everywhere (EE) and Vodafone, O2, 3 Mobile, and a couple of other manufacturers including a subsidiary of BT will be releasing their 4G networks soon.

What is the speed of 4G?

4G operates at up to 100MB per second. The reality is that connections will run up to about 14.4MB per second and Orange broadband has found download speeds of 8 – 12MB per second and upload speeds of 3 – 4MB per second. The new operators that come into the market following Everything Everywhere may well get more out of their connections and have speeds upwards of 12MB per second.

The theoretical top speeds are incredible and very similar to fibre optic broadband. Only time will tell whether mobile broadband will be able to take a portion of the home broadband market from the likes of Virgin, BT, PlusNet and other broadband providers. Certainly, 4G connectivity will roll around to 99% of the population over the coming year and it will take a lot longer for fibre optic broadband to reach those sorts of numbers.

What can you do on 4G?

The speeds on 4G will mean HD streaming is within your reach. You’ll be able to play games, stream new movies and multitask doing multiple things on your mobile broadband connection.

Beware the data limits

At the moment the data limits on mobile broadband are fairly stingy. You won’t find unlimited packages as you would on home broadband however you do get packages up to around 20GB per month. There is a current offering with the Samsung Galaxy S4: unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 20GB of mobile data allowance for £71 per month.

You may have to pay about £20 upfront for your phone too. This is a heavy cost to bear if you need a lot of mobile broadband data and you may find yourself looking at better value offerings with about 1GB of data for around £40 per month. Some of the other broadband providers will surely drive the costs of 4G broadband down but for now, you have to be very careful how much you do consume as additional data is extremely expensive.

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