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Credit: Sandy Austin

For many of us mornings are a very busy time and we don’t always find the time for eating a healthy breakfast. This article is going to provide you with some great healthy breakfast ideas and hopefully you’ll be able to kick start your mornings and feel the benefits throughout the whole day.

If we do manage to find time to eat a breakfast then it is so much easier to go for a quick snack such as a bagel, muffin or croissant. Unfortunately the quick and easy option is usually far from being a healthy breakfast.

Do you ever find yourself snacking an hour or two into work? This could be because you have missed that all important healthy breakfast meal and started your day on an empty stomach. Starting your day on an empty stomach means that the blood sugar level in your body is very low, after a few hours of being awake and not getting any food your body will start to crave carbs.

Popular Unhealthy Choices

A Healthy Breakfast(79390)Credit: Jeremy KeithThe most popular and well known breakfasts are unfortunately the unhealthy options. This is usually the case with all meals not just breakfast. If you were to ask people what they class as a breakfast they will most likely say one of the following; bagels, waffles, pies, pastries, cereals (the ones packed with sugar), and muffins.
    The main issue with these foods is that they are packed full of carbs, eating too many empty carbs, like what you will find in the  popular breakfasts types listed above, will give you a high blood sugar level and leave your body confused and trying to adjust to the high carbs intake.

Another popular breakfast choice is an English fry-up which usually consists of sausage, fried eggs, bacon, black pudding, and hash browns. These foods are packed full of fats and as most people are aware they are really bad for you.

What Makes A Healthy Breakfast Food?

High in protein - peanut butter, lean meat, fish or hard-boiled eggs.

Whole grain foods - whole-grain rolls, hot or cold whole-grain cereals, low-fat bran muffins, crackers or Melba toast

Low fat dairy or soy products  - Skimmed milk, low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese and natural cheeses.

Many of you will now be thinking I’ve listed every breakfast there is in the foods to avoid, luckily you couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many more options, all you need to do is a little homework and research which foods are the most practical for you to prepare and eat.

Here are just a few healthy breakfast ideas to get you started.

Fresh Berries, Yoghurt And Granola.

Get some plain healthy cereal (try to avoid high fat granola) and mix with some of your favourite chopped fruits, now mix with low fat yoghurt and enjoy!

Grapefruit With Almond Or Peanut-butter.

Take some grapefruit place it in a dish and add a little sugar on top. You can then add a little substance with either peanut-butter or almond butter. The latter is much healthier although both have lots of protein which will fill you up!

Fresh Fruit Salad. 

Take your favourite fruits such as apples, melons, berries, oranges, pears, bananas and grapes. Chop them up and eat, how simple is that!

Protein Shake With Fruit.

Protein shakes are available in many flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla just to name few. Try experimenting by adding different fruits and blending them together, the possibilities are endless. Protein shakes are very high in protein and will keep you full for a long time.

Cottage Cheese And Fruit.

Buy some low-fat cottage cheese and add any of your favourite fruits mix together and enjoy.

Don't Have The Time? Then Make The Time!

The key to ensuring you eat a healthy breakfast day-in-day out is to develop a routine, make  sure that you get up just that little bit earlier. Half an hour or so will be plenty of time, allowing you to prepare and enjoy whats often refered to as the  most important meal of the day.

A healthy breakfast will kick start your day and help you live a much healthier lifestyle.