If you are serious about losing weight and develop tight flat abs, you know you MUST add a healthy diet to your life. There is no other way, and trust me; I used to believe that just with running and exercising I was going to develop great abs. It turned out, it was just another weight loss myth.

So, what is a healthy diet then?

A healthy diet should give you all the necessary nutrients your body needs to be healthy and have more energy. And it is not just a matter of WHAT you eat, but also of how you eat and how you plan your daily meals. There are lots of information about protein, carbs, and fat on the Web, as well as how to count your calories and all the stuff that usually puts people off when trying to start a diet.

I recommend you focus the topic with simplicity.

That's right. After all we know what is healthy and what is not! You may try to fool yourself into thinking a bag of potato chips is healthy eating (they're vegetables right?), but you are not a fool, you know it is not healthy and your body also makes sure you notice. Have you ever feel energized after eating a combo at McDonalds? I doubt it.

Common sense and body awareness are priceless when it comes to eating better. Many of you will need to change habits, and this is only possible by adding a new healthier habit to your life, this takes time and patience, so save some.

Tips for a Healthy Diet

Having said that it is easy to start changing if you keep things simple, let me put here some tips that you can implement each day to start changing the way you eat. This information may seem obvious to some, but don't overlook it! Ask yourself if you are really applying the knowledge and remember that little changes accumulate to make a huge difference in your life. By the way I really recommend the meals included in 6 Week Body Makeover diet plan, it follows the tips below and stresses the importance of exercises to tone down the belly.

• Eat more meals a day. Having 5 meals (3 main, 2 snacks) will help you getting energy throughout the day and avoid cravings. You'll feel satisfied and your body will have an increased metabolic rate as you process food.
• Never skip a breakfast! This may be a tough habit to break for some of you. However know that your body hasn't got any fuel while you were asleep so when you wake up you are already on famine mode, slowing down your metabolism.
• Plan your meals, and shop after you are full. Last minute decisions can be terrible (ever heard of fast food?). So buy your food for the week with a fulls otmahc to avoid buying unhealthy stuff because of cravings.
• Drink water an hour per day. Water has many benefits and thirst in many cases can be mistaken as hunger.
• Leave sugars. Sugars are a drug! I once was used to eating candy every day, and it seriously hurt my physique. The worst part is that countless products contain sugar to get you "hooked" on it. Read your labels and…
• Opt for natural, fresh food. Heavily processed food is harmful and well it isn't just natural.
• Opt for whole grain. Whole grain brings complex carbs that gives us more energy, fiber and keep us full. You can begin by starting to eat whole grain bread.
• Lower fat intake and increase vegetable intake. Little y little, there is no rush, just make this change and you'll start noting the difference.
• Keep only healthy stuff on the fridge. Temptation is worst when you have it at home. Throwing your bag of cookies to the trash can be a pretty empowering activity!
• Eat until you are full. You may to learn to "hear" your body signals. There's no need in finishing all the food if you are already satisfied.