We recently purchased a heater for our dog Kennels. I had put this off for a little while as I have always been afraid of fire when it comes to heaters and animals. They tend to bump into them, chew on the units or cords or get scratched up by sharp corners. Well winter was coming fast and we needed to get something setup so our furry friends would stay warm when it hits -30 wind chill here in North Dakota.

I did a lot of research and found something called the
Hound Heater Dog House Furnace while looking around online. I read a few reviews and decided to order a couple and give them a try. They were very easy to install, just drill a hole for the cord and then mount the unit with screws, and easy to set a temperature on. I would advice to follow the instructions and have the cord piped out the back of the unit, this way it comes out of the dog house without any cord showing inside, this eliminates any chewing issues. The unit has a thermostat on the side that you can set to a comfortable temperature.

So how well do they work? Well when I left this morning it was -11F with a wind chill around -25F to -30F, if I open my houses up, there is a significant difference in temperature. So my Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Puppies are nice and warm. Since this is a radiated heat, not something blown in, you want to try to insulate your boxes the best you can. The better the insulation, the better the heat. If you live in a cold weather state, or even a area where you might want to spoil your furry friends, then I would highly suggest this unit. I have included some of the Dimensions and Installation Instructions below to give you a idea of what it takes to put one of these in.

approx. 10"L x 10"W x 5 1/4"D


  • 7 foot cold weather rated cord for flexibility and easier installation
  • Thermostat range of 32-104 degrees F (accurate to +/- 4 degrees)
  • Safe, dry heat
  • Heats up to 32-40 cubic foot houses
  • Element rated at 100,000 on/off cycles
  • Cool to the touch except on top
  • Automatic safety shut off prevents overheating
  • Heat shield deflector for safer operation
  • 150 watts of power for the largest houses and extremely cold weather (draws 1.3 amps)
  • Rounded corners for your pet's safety
  • 1 year warranty from Akoma Dog Products

  • Installation Instructions:

    Tools Required: You will need a measuring device, drill, 1 1/8" wood bit, screw driver and six wood screws (not included).

    Step 1 -- Tape the Hound Heater mounting template in any corner of the dog house. We suggest mounting it away from the entrance.

    Step 2 -- Place the bit in the center of the template's black circle.

    Step 3 -- Drill a hole all the way through the wall.

    Step 4 -- Carefully feed the cord all the way through the previously drilled hole making sure the cord is not kinked.

    Step 5 -- Mount the Hound Heater in an upright position using four sturdy wood screws. The "C" on "Caution Hot" is the top of the unit.

    Step 6 -- Mount the Hound Heater Heat Shield about 2 inches above the top of the Hound Heater. The purpose of the shield is to deflect the rising heat and disperse it more efficiently in your pet's house. It will also protect the ceiling from getting too warm.

    Step 7 -- Set the thermostat to the desired temperature for your pet.

    Step 8 -- Plug the unit into a GFI outlet.