The truth of the matter is that all air mattresses will last at least a few years; however, the average inflatable mattress would probably not last more than a few days if you brought it on a camping trip and had to lay it down on a rocky surface. People that will be sleeping in it during rough situations, such as camping and rock climbing, should be on the lookout for heavy duty air mattresses. Not only will these heavy duty camping air mattresses be able to withstand the dirt, rocks, and tree branches in these situations, but they will be able to withstand them for many years!

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I must warn you that heavy duty air mattresses will cost you some extra money; however, they will save you some cash in the long run. Let me explain: a heavy duty air bed will cost you an additional $50 when being compared to a regular one, but will last 2-3 times as long!

Every Blow Up Bed That Is Made By Coleman Is A Heavy Duty Air Mattress-EXTREMELY Durable Material!

There is not a single Coleman air mattress that I would not deem as being heavy duty! All of the air beds that are made by Coleman are produced by a very strong PVC material that wil4 In 1 Air Mattress By ColemanCredit: Amazon.coml not rip, puncture, or stretch! I am not saying that the material will NEVER rip (you could stab it with a knife, and it would surely rip); however, I am trying to say that you would literally have to TRY to puncture/rip it for the material to be destroyed.

Realistically speaking, imagine that you went rock climbing and you had to get some sleep in a very rocky area. You could easily lay a Coleman heavy duty air mattress down on a patch of rocks, and not have a single worry that it will rip, tear, puncture, or deflate! What makes these Coleman air beds an even better purchase is the fact that they are produced by a large company; they will be covered by a fairly lengthy warranty that would probably replace the air mattress if it had torn on the bed of rocks!

Be sure to check out the Coleman air mattresses on Amazon being sold at ridiculously low prices...These air beds are extremely durable, and some are being discounted at up to 60% off of their original price!

The SimplySleeper SS-47T Is A Premium Air Bed That Is Puncture And Stretch Resistant

Heavy duty mattresses are not only about being durable; they should also be comfortable enough for you to get a restful sleep at night! The SimplySleeper SS-47T is a premium air bed. The SimplySleeper heavy duty air mattress comes at a premium price (just under $200), but will offer you comfort and durability!SimplySleeper Twin Air Bed With Built In Electric PumpCredit:

This air bed is made from a polyester laminate material that allows it to be puncture and stretch resistant. As I stated earlier in this article about the Coleman air mattresses, you will literally have to try to puncture it to get through this material! Out of all of the blow up beds that I have tested, I would definitely purchase this one because it comes with a thick sheet that covers the top of the mattress. Not only does this thick sheet provide some additional comfort, but it also deters you from smelling the plastic-like smell that most air mattresses produce.  I would deem this heavy duty air mattress as being absolutely perfect for camping and rock climbing; it will allow for a restful sleep while remaining durable!

Many Heavy Duty Air Beds Use PVC Or Polyester Laminate Material-It Is Strong And Light!

The majority ofColeman Queen Quickbed-Heavy Duty Air MattressCredit: the durable air mattresses use a PVC or Polyester Laminate material because it is strong, light, and inexpensive. There are a few stronger materials that the major air bed companies such as Coleman, Intex, and Aerobed could use; however, they would not be able to offer their air mattresses at affordable prices! PVC and Polyester Laminate allow them to produce the best deal by manufacturing a heavy duty air mattress for an affordable price!

Durability is a key factor when choosing an air mattress to bring on your camping or rock climbing trip, but you must also remember to choose one that is comfortable enough for you to sleep on! There is no point in having an air bed that will last you for 10 years if you can’t sleep on it for 10 days!

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I would avoid asking any sales representatives in sports stores about the heavy duty air mattress that is right for you because they will be going through the features that are listed on the box. The real knowledge about air mattresses that will last comes from the camping experience that I have had! In addition, I would really consider buying an air bed from one of the three large companies that produce them: Coleman, Intex, and Aerobed. Doing so will allow you to have the amazing brand reputability and warranty that these companies offer!