Undercounter Freezer

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 Buying an under counter freezer can be a matter of convenience. Under counter freezers are designed to be slid into spaces under kitchen worktops and between kitchen cabinets, so don't take up space elsewhere in the kitchen or in the garage. They have front opening doors in the same way that fridges do. Keeping your extra frozen storage space in the kitchen means that you can quickly get the items that you need. Under counter freezers can be got for just a couple of hundred pounds, but there are also high end models on the market. Both Bosch and Zanussi are renowned electronics manufacturers that make good quality products and both have high end under counter appliances in their catalogues. We decided to see how they compared. For Bosch we have the GSD14A21GB Logixx model, and for Zanussi we have the ZQF6114A. Both of these are going to set you back a fair amount of cash, so we wanted to know which one is a better buy. If you're in the market for a top end under counter freezer, then keep reading to find out our recommendation.


Because an under counter freezer is designed to slide into a pre-existing kitchen space, dimensions can be an important deciding factor when it comes down to which model to buy. You want your freezer to fit into your kitchen, after all. The Bosch measures in at 85 cm tall, 60 cm wide, and 61 cm deep. The Zanussi is 83 cm tall, 60 cm wide, and 54 cm deep. So both fall within standard size ranges and should be suitable for most spaces.


You're probably buying a freezer because you want extra storage space, therefore you want as big a capacity as you can get. The Bosch has 84 litres of storage, whilst the Zanussi has a smaller 79 litres.  Both appliances have four separate storage compartments.

Special Features...

In a high end appliance you're looking for special features. Neither of these models has a child lock, but that's to be expected. Child locks are more common on chest freezers that have the added danger of having a heavy lid. And neither of these models is frost free, meaning you will have to manually defrost them. The Bosch has a super freeze function, which allows for faster freezing of food. The Zanussi has a couple of nice features. It has a high temperature alarm, that alerts you when the freezer temperature is too high to keep food frozen (such as if you accidentally leave the door ajar). It also has transparent drawers, letting you more easily see what's inside.


As with any electronic device, you want to think about not just the initial cost of the item but also the running cost. Electronics are awarded energy ratings, the better the rating the more efficient an appliance is and the less it will cost you to run. The Bosch gets an A+ rating with an average annual running cost of around £17. The Zanussi only has an A rating with an average annual running cost of about £19.


The Bosch will set you back around £380, the Zanussi about £330.

What's the Better Deal?

We're going with the Bosch. It's a little more expensive, but you do get all that extra storage space, plus it has lower running costs meaning it's a better long term investment.