People live their life individually but their actions are often determined by society. It influences them beyond their conscious comprehension and results into following the regular cues and hints. These are often found on Internet on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc, rather than anywhere else in today’s time. Thus, considering businesses to be untouched by them is a blunder, and not just any avoidable mistake. So, if you as an entrepreneur are looking for some tips to improve your web presence with respect to online communities (or societies!), reading the rest of the write-up is sure to give you some food for thought.

According to research and surveys

Companies like Nielson engage themselves in bringing out the facts from the scenario to read them as precisely as possible. If to go by their recent surveys on social media, then one can consider the following order of popularity; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Tumblr, which is decided after users’ skewing over them. 

Engaging Audiences - In true manner & through multiple media

When you wish a real audience, bring in real engaging content. And more than this, try engaging those who are turning to you with queries regarding your product or services or issues and discussion related to them. Also, when it is a senior professional from the company is talking, a customer (potential or otherwise) is bound to listen, forging a bond of trust. Moreover, it is pertinent to maintain a consistent presence in more than one platform, as they tend to grow mature and saturated over a period of time. 

Do not promote but devote

Prayers are often done with hope without knowing if they will be true. Devoting time to customers and client is just the way, especially with social media marketing on mind. Although the value of a like or a retweet or a repin is unlikely to be measured in solid financial terms, it has still seen to be prompting people’s mindset. In a competition as tough as every businessman is experiencing, doesn’t it sound like making a good start and that too, in a right direction?

Content- The Internet marketing boss

People are always on the lookout of information relevant to their needs. This is done in mainly different forms. Like some would like to dedicate a specific time of day for their research, others might choose to switch between different devices and hence they access to various kinds of information. For some, only full-fledged information will do any good and others like to read just to utilise their otherwise void time. This hints on a trend that while people are the focus, content should not at all be neglected. Additionally, to cater big and small reading (and comprehending) need, all types of fresh content to facilitate Google search ranking should be developed.

Eye Candies- Image and Videos

All the while, we are talking of engaging the audience. What better way could be there to do so using pictures and videos? So, with the photo libraries are increasingly getting online in the form of social media like Facebook and Flickr, the enormity of the thought is easily understandable. Give target audience what they would enjoy even when not in touch with the media.

Prediction of Zebra update by Google focussed on social media

As Google panda and penguin update has hit millions of websites, be prepared to be hit by its newer version (maybe Zebra). All across the web world, experts are expecting the search engine giant to target social media sites as their next victim. If you are also influenced, get ready with your marketing strategy to cope of the situation, in case it arises.

Final suggestion for a social media strategy

Use intelligent filter (for dealing with the challenge of overwhelming info) and analysis (for the details that escape a casual eye) tools. There are fewer traps for a real-time plan based on facts and careful considerations. Focusing on search engine optimisations might prove to be a challenge as the time continues to grow. To be on edge, continue to provide great user experience. Rest of the pieces more often than not, fall in place!