Memory Mattress

Hotels can have hundreds, if not thousands, of mattresses to purchase, maintain and eventually replace again. A good quality mattress is vital in ensuring hotel guests have a good night's sleep; and a good night's sleep is one sure-fire way to get your hotel guests returning time and time again.

A Hotel Memory Mattress - The Benefits

Memory foam mattresses are a fantastic solution for hotels, spas, resorts and guests houses looking to source cost-effective, easily maintainable and durable mattresses. Although traditional divans and pocket sprung mattresses have been popular in the past, many businesses are turning to the memory mattress option for their guest beds, and for good reason.

Memory foam is touted as a wonder product, thanks to its complete supportive nature, and ability to give total independent support so that one bed occupant isn't disturbed by another. More than often, these beneficial properties also mean that people who suffer with back problems, pain in pressure points or bed sores find that memory foam alleviates many of these conditions.

What's more, many memory foam mattresses come with a 'combi-air' system that allows air to circulate around the mattress, keeping the bed occupant cool and comfortable – a perfect aide to a good night's sleep, and returning customers!

Easy Storage Solution

Another major benefit of choosing to buy memory foam mattresses for your hotel is the ease with which the memory foam can be stored. Generally, no matter how long the memory foam is stored away in a foldable guest bed or trundle stowaway bed, it will always perfectly spring back to its original shape, retaining its supportive and comfortable qualities without any kinks, folds or bumps. This means that extra guest beds can be brought out to increase bed capacity quickly and efficiently, helping to boost profits and lower mattress maintenance costs!

And there's even more benefits to opting for hotel memory mattresses – memory foam is hypoallergenic, so you'll have no problems with customers who are sensitive or allergic to common allergens such as dust mites and the other microscopic parasites that infest regular mattresses. Memory foam mattresses also make sense for hotels and guest houses, as they help to reduce the timely housekeeping task of regularly turning mattresses. In addition, washable memory mattress zip covers are widely available to protect the memory foam from spillages and stains.