A juice fast is a type of juice detox, which involves the short-term intake of raw vegetables, fruits, and water. Proponents of juice fasting use juice because it is thought to be a good source of vitamins and antioxidants.  A juice fast is considered an extreme form of detoxification because no solid food is consumed during the juice detox. On the other hand, a detox diet is considered more moderate, as you are allowed to consume solid foods during this time.  The benefits of a juice detox  may be alluring, but there are experts who doubt these benefits and do not recommend it.  At the same time, there are many qualified people who highly recommend  detoxing as a sure way to remove toxins and live a healthier life.

Linda Page who is author of the book “Detoxification”, believes that detoxification is a normal body process of eliminating toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph glands and the skin.  Alternative-medicine Guru and famous TV personality Andrew Weil  MD, believes that there is no scientific evidence to justify the need for a Detox diet.  However, he concedes that “there are things you can do to rev up the body's own elimination systems”.  Dr. Anthony Vendryes, a Jamaican Medical Doctor of some repute, has now created an entirely new career in Alternative Medicine, with a growing waiting list of local and International patients who have had good results.

From a practical point of view, many people who suffer from the symptoms of a poor digestive system, will tell you that there are several benefits to doing a juice detox.  Their claims however, are based solely on results, both in how they feel and the elimination of some serious symptoms of lifestyle illnesses. 

 During a juice fast or a juice detox, the body is given much needed rest from the products most people consume daily, such as  wheat, sugar, caffeine, dairy, and alcohol.  This in turn relieves them from the usual problems of constipation, bloating, indigestion, and more.  The ordinary person who suffers from these ailments may not be a learned scientist, but only cares about the relief that he gets from doing juice-only fast.  To the lay person, the evidence is in the results he experiences, after a juice fast.

How long should a Juice Detox Last?

Now, this is a very great question. There is no specific timeframe which dictates how long your juice detox should last.  However, there are circumstances that must be considered before starting an extended juice-only diet. You can consume juices of fruits and vegetables for a day or you can set out to do it for a week or so. It is up to you to decide how long you can stay on this kind of diet.

The right way to answer this question would be to define what your goal is and what kind of lifestyle you would want to achieve, as well as making sure that you have no other health issues that could cause you grave harm.  If you suffer from certain common ailments such as diabetes, or high blood pressure, you would certainly want to consult either your primary-care doctor or a qualified naturopathic practitioner.

Do consider as well, that a juice fasting may reduce blood proteins and change the way prescription drugs react in the body. So if you are taking prescription medications, you should certainly consult a health professional skilled in detoxification before trying a juice fast.  At the same time, you should never through your your prescription medication without consultation with your doctor, just because you are feeling great after you have been on a juice detox. 

We recommend that as in all things in life, moderation is a virtue.  Nevertheless, there are certainly many benefits to be gained from a juice diet, and this should not be discounted without some consideration.