When it comes about securing a building, the best solution is a keypad door lock. This type of locks has multiple advantages: they are very safe, you don’t risk locking yourself out and you don’t have to make keys for everyone. All you need, to enter the building, is typing a number on the electronic keypad. Those locks are used for offices and for the main entrance in apartment buildings, but installing them at your home is also a good idea.

 An electronic keypad door lock helps you keep your home safe

Most people don’t consider this type of lock for their houses, but they really should, because it comes with a lot of advantages. The keypad door lock doesn’t need a key. Thus, you don’t lose your key and you don’t have to hide a key around the house for the moments when you lost it. Hiding a key under the doormat or under a pot, on the porch, is something that a lot of people do. Well, it’s extremely unsafe: do you honestly think that a burglar will have problems in moving your doormat two inches, to find the key? And there is another category of people, the ones that don’t live a key hidden around the entrance, because they are afraid someone else will find it and break inside. But, if you don’t have a spare key somewhere outside the house and you lose your key, you have to call a locksmith to help you get inside. And, generally, this means that you will have to pay hundred of dollars to repair your entrance door or even to get a new door. With a keypad door lock, such problems don’t exist any longer. All you need to know is a simple combination of numbers and you will be able to open your door in no time. This type of lock is very useful if you have a big family and children. Making keys for everyone is expensive. Also, children get distracted easily and they lose their keys. By installing a keypad door lock you avoid all this trouble; you make sure that everyone that needs to get inside the house will do it rapidly and without any other accessories than a simple pin number. Also, a keypad door lock provides you the kind of security you need for your home. You can even connect it to a security company, and, every time that someone makes multiple attempts for the pin number, they get alerted and drop by to check.

 Different types of keypad door locks

If you intend to get a keypad door lock, you need to know first which options do you have. You can get one that opens and locks itself by typing a simple pin number.  This type of lock is perfect for any type of building, from houses to apartment buildings or office buildings. There are also models that have a slot and come with an electronic card to be opened. They are used especially for large buildings, with many apartments or offices, since they are very durable. For extra safety, you can go with a keypad door lock that has biometric features, like fingerprints or eye readers. You can program yours to open only if the reader recognizes the fingerprint of the eye of a person. This type of keypad door lock is ideal for home and office. You simply can’t lose or misplace the key for that lock. Also, for burglars is practically impossible to go through that type of lock.

 Choose the right provider for your keypad door lock

 When shopping for new locks, you need to be very careful about the provider. The best strategy is to go with well-established, reliable companies. Read some reviews about different locks manufacturers and find out the good parts and the bad parts about each of them. Also, it’s very important to have it installed by professionals. They are sensitive items and they need to be correctly installed in order to function properly. So, don’t try to do it yourself. Once you installed your new lock, the only thing you need to check from time to time are the batteries, if it works on batteries. If it’s the kind of lock that you plug in, just make sure that the power outlet is functioning properly.