If your bathroom is a place you slink into and out of as quick as you can because it's dark, dank and overall uninspiring, then it's time to make changes. Whether you need to undertake major works or simply need to polish things up around the edges, with our kick-start guide it's easy to transform your bathroom into a happening place!

Color: Dark versus Light

The color of your bathroom makes such an impact that it should be the first thing you consider when making changes. If you would like to create a calm, peaceful feel then neutral tones will achieve this. For a more spirited feel choose stronger colors that contrast against each other.

Fabulous Faucetry

Gone are the days of having to stick with basic chrome faucets. You will find an immense range of faucets to choose from at all good bathroom supplies stores. A happening bathroom is one that sports spectacular faucets so be sure to allow room in your budget to choose something with that wow factor.

Ceramics: Walls and Floor

Outdated and worn ceramic tiles on the walls and floor of your bathroom are sure to feel dull. A tile makeover is not too difficult a job and will instantly propel your bathroom into modern times. Your local bathroom supplies store can help you select the best tiles for your room size.

Clear Glass

A shower with clear glass doors and frameless glass panels is another way to instantly modernize the room. Along with that, clear glass gives a feeling of spaciousness. If you're not ready to invest in a whole new shower recess, ensure the one you currently have is sparkling clean.

The Centerpiece

The centerpiece to the bathroom is the vanity unit. It is typically a large piece of furniture and therefore needs to be chosen carefully. Choose something that blends well with the overall color scheme and design aspects. A vanity with fussy handles might look lovely in the showroom but be sure to think it all through before making your final decision. Taking photos and piecing things together on paper at home will help bring things to life.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

With color and faucetry taken care of you're now free to let your imagination run a little wild. Why not make a big style statement with a large embellished mirror. Alternatively, choose a vanity unit that has something special such as a basin style sink with beautiful matching faucets.

Perfectly Plush

A bathroom is never happening if it lacks plush, fresh towels. Toss out all those torn, worn and musty old towels and add oodles of deluxe bath sheets, foot mats and face washers.

Whether your bathroom needs a complete renovation or just a little kick start to get on the road to tremendous, it's worth putting in the effort to make it a wonderful place for you to enjoy every day. And if you feel your bathroom is great so too will your guests – and that means everybody's happy in a happening bathroom!

Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors