Destination Wedding: Big Sur River Inn, California

Solemnity follows nature. Somehow being surrounded by the trees sitting atop a mountain whose soil is just as old as the earth brings the sanctity that you can never find in any place no matter how grand or beautiful the architecture is. That’s what makes Big Sur River Inn, Califorina the ideal place for your wedding if you are looking for a place where your vows will be held as sacred as the mysteries of the trees.


The Ambiance

There is something warm with wood. Perhaps it represents to us the way of life back in the days when peopled live in the simplicity of warmth and love. If you are the kind that would rather walk the aisle barefoot with a groom wearing beach pants rather than a tuxedo, then this is the ideal place for you. The white wooden chairs against the dark colors of the Earth only add to the joyful mystery of your celebration.


The Food

True to its ambiance, their best comes in their organic food. There is something refreshing about the fact that what you going to share with your friends and family have just been harvested that morning. They also serve traditional foods that are often overlooked by other restaurants thinking people would prefer fancy dishes over simple ones. But here in Big Sur River Inn, they still serve hot apple pie and they do it great.


They do have the traditional menu but if you want their best, go for the organic food.


The Reception Area

A barn… that’s what I am reminded with their reception area, which is also their restaurant area, with wooden walls, wooden floor and earth-colored chairs and tables against the cloud-white table cover.

But if you are going casual, why not take the reception outside where you can share a meal under the trees, under the bright sky and by the river where the sound of gushing water will serve as your background music.


The Amenities

Great activities which you, your groom, your family, and your guests can do are no more than 5 miles from the Inn. You can go to the: Point Sur Lighthouse if you want to explore the wild under the light of the moon;  Andrew Molera State Park, a virgin forest ideal for hiking, fishing and beachcombing; Molera Horseback Tours for scenic coastal horseback tours; Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park for some swimming, camping and hiking; Pfeiffer Beach for a swim in one of the world’s most beautiful beaches; Henry Miller Memorial Library for some musical and literary events, or; Julia Pfeiffer Burns State park to see and experience the 80-foot waterfall.


The Service

One thing is sure, you will be treated the way you deserve to be treated, like a queen about to get married. Ask once and it will be given to you. Call once and someone will come. 

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